Clear Cambodia Uses Aquagenx CBT Kit to Ensure Safe Drinking Water in Schools

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August 16, 2016
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In Cambodia, access to safe water and sanitation offices in schools is progressively perceived as crucial for advancing great cleanliness and kids\’ prosperity. Be that as it may, many schools have deficient offices, including absence of lavatories and absence of safe drinking water.

Clear Cambodia is a NGO whose mission is to help rustic Cambodian individuals enhance their wellbeing through expanded access to protected, consumable water and adequate sanitation offices. Their School WASH Extend bolsters the Cambodian government\’s push to enhance wellbeing, cleanliness, water, sanitation and hand washing in schools.

91 schools have Clear Cambodia\’s water channels. Notwithstanding water channels, the School WASH Extend likewise introduces hand washing stations, gives sanitation items and behaviors workshops on wellbeing and sanitation. Since the 91 schools are in country, remote areas, Clear Cambodia needs a helpful, versatile strategy to test crude water hotspots for E. coli microscopic organisms with a specific end goal to evaluate the wellbeing danger of drinking water.

The School WASH Extend received the Aquagenx Compartment Pack Test (CBT) drinking water quality test unit since it is anything but difficult to use with small preparing and does not require power, labs, or costly, lumbering hardware that is hard to send in country ranges. Notwithstanding measuring E. coli with the CBT Pack, the venture likewise utilizes different strategies to test for aggregate coliforms, pH and turbidity in sources, for example, lakes, lakes and wells.

Quantitative test outcomes got with the CBT Pack uncover crude water sources contain fluctuating levels of E. coli microscopic organisms. Water that is separated through BioSand channels and water got to through taps test negative for E. coli microscopic organisms and is sheltered to drink.

Clear Cambodia reports the CBT\’s shading change test comes about make it easy to score the Most Plausible Number of E. coli in 100 mL tests, and they are an intense visual apparatus for school groups to adjust great cleanliness rehearses.

Vann Chhorvy Vanny, School WASH Extend Supervisor, says \”The CBT constructs trust for our recipients by giving proof that makes them sure our water channels create safe drinking water.\”

\”In view of its productivity,\” proceeds with Vanny, \”the CBT empowers our staff to test water nearby as opposed to collecting tests to be sent to a lab.\”

Vanny closes, \”Clear Cambodia will keep utilizing the CBT Pack as our continuous microbiological water quality test since it helps us ensure the nature of water and lets us know which waters are sheltered and which are most certainly not. Safe drinking water is fundamental in school situations, and the CBT is a down to earth approach to keep the spread of waterborne illnesses in school youngsters.\”

The Aquagenx Compartment Sack Test (CBT), is a basic, convenient water quality test for E. coli. The CBT Pack produces measured, simple to-score, shading change test comes about. It is perfect for on location testing in low asset and catastrophe/crisis territories. No power, research centers, cool chain, costly gear or talented specialists are required to utilize the CBT.

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