Closing of K-ICT Smart Content Business Day, Where Many Domestic Developers Participated

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Facilitated by the Service of Science, ICT and Future Arranging and sorted out by National IT Industry Advancement Office, the K-ICT Shrewd Substance Center Business Day finished with extraordinary accomplishment at Anyang Imaginative Economy Union Focus on December 2.

The K-ICT Shrewd Substance Business Day, which was controlled by the Cutting edge Union Substance Industry Affiliation, was held to give a chance to develop arranges between the organizations at the middle and brilliant substance related organizations, and a shot for them to advance themselves.

This occasion comprised of a gathering with noticeable household and universal designers, a show of extraordinary substance made by the organizations at the K-ICT Keen Substance Center and non mainstream engineers, and meetings with organizations that created amazing substance and remote columnists from Europe, China, and India.

The Business Day occasion assumed a key part as a focal center in the savvy content industry and advanced Korea\’s brilliant substance business to the world.

Different engineers and delegates, including Kim Jeong-sam, head of Computerized Substance Division at the Clergyman of Science ICT and Future Arranging; Kang Hyo-jin, leader of the K-ICT Brilliant Substance Center; Kim Cheol-gyun, VP of Coupang; Jang Jae-hyuk, Chief of Metal forger; Kim Dong-jun, President of MAF Diversions; Lee Jeong-hee, Chief of 21c. Ducks; and Kim Sang-heon, Chief of Sit still Thought Manufacturing plant, took an interest in this occasion.

Taking an interest in the occasion and leading meetings with related authorities were columnists from Cold STARTUP, the No. 1 online media in the IT field, including mobiles, new companies, and speculation patterns, in the North Europe and the Baltics; SOHU, China\’s most well known media in the field, managing forefront apparatuses and savvy gadgets; and YourStory, the biggest Indian media concentrating on tech.

Amid the shrewd substance outside the box engineer meeting \”Non mainstream Designer Summit 2015\”, there were fruitful contextual investigations of residential and Japanese new companies, business presentations directed by exceptional remote substance designers, and a board dialog with conspicuous local and worldwide designers.

Kim Cheol-gyun, VP of Coupang, gave a discourse about \”test\” and \”development\”, which empowered his organization, a startup, to become greater. He accentuated that changing one\’s point of view is fundamental in creating substance that can fulfill contemporary correspondence needs.

Moreover, different addresses about the know-how that is important in independent diversion advancement, versatile amusement showcasing patterns, and in-application benefit era were held for designers. Specifically, the occasion got positive audits from members, as Nakahata Koya, a maker of \”Survive! Mola!\”, which stunned the versatile amusement showcase, and Fumoto Ojiro, an engineer of \”Downwell\” , an outside the box diversion that has gotten much worldwide consideration, shared their exceptional experiences.

Kim Jeong-sam, head of the Computerized Content Division at the Service of Science ICT and Future Arranging, stated: \”With regards to the eventual fate of shrewd substance organizations, it is essential to open up a way to progress into worldwide markets. To do this, the legislature ought to bolster organizations with genuine ventures, furthermore different associations like the K-ICT Shrewd Substance Center ought to be made to give different data, training, and projects to new businesses.\”

\”Every organization ought to utilize this main thrust to extend the versatile business, which is Korea\’s quality, to the Chinese market as well as to the European and American markets – to let the world think about Korea\’s portable industry. For that, the legislature will arrange different bolster strategies to make more employments and a situation in which organizations can flourish.\”

The K-ICT Brilliant Substance Center is in the Anyang Imaginative Economy Meeting Center (fourth to sixth floors) in Pyeongchon. Around 40 organizations, including Circular segment intelligent Inc., Pison Substance, DMEdu, KOKILICO, SENZON, and SounDUX, maintain their organizations at the middle.

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