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March 12, 2007
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Winnipeg, March13, 2007), the \”Number One Site for BlackBerry Clients\” is driving the route in peopling either control or enjoy their BlackBerry addictions. Inquire about In Movement\’s BlackBerry gadgets have qualities that are so addictive they are affectionately nicknamed \”CrackBerries.\” The new site, propelled in February 2007, has as of now pulled in media consideration and significant positive reaction from the both the on the web and BlackBerry people group.

Yet, enslavement can have its advantages. is propelling another \”Admit Your BlackBerry Fixation and Win Giveaway,\” the champ of which has the chance to \”Enter Recovery\” and withdraw to an intriguing get-away spot where they\’ll consent to bolt up their BlackBerry for the term. The individuals who admit to their proclivities and enroll with the new site will be entered to win an \’Excursion From Their BlackBerries.\’ Enlistment is free and just pauses for a moment. In the event that the victor can\’t or won\’t surrender their gadget for a week (or doesn\’t think their BlackBerry use to need a get-away), then they can likewise win up to $2,000 worth of BlackBerry assistants to further fuel their propensity. There are likewise week by week timely riser prizes given away by the Break Group at

For the individuals who are insufficient blessed to win an outing to a without blackberry resort, the site highlights a \”Recovery\” area, which offers clients tips on the most proficient method to pick up control over their advanced propensities.

\”We needed to accomplish something somewhat carefree, which could offer clients help in controlling or reveling their propensities,\” says Chief Kevin Michaluk. \”The site highlights a 13-Stage program to help you carry on with a more calm life and put that BlackBerry away here and there. Twelve stages wasn\’t sufficient. Over-clients, associates and friends and family will welcome the program as well.\”

The \”Recovery\” area likewise includes articles about the issues of turning out to be excessively dependent on the cell phones and offers systems for keeping your BlackBerry use inside sensible breaking points.

The webpage gives data, tips and indications, proficient apparatuses, downloadable aides and programming, amusements, a frill store, and the most recent news from the BlackBerry world. Enlisted individuals can likewise take an interest in group discussions and even have the choice to make their own particular free email address. Clients can actually advise their associates to \”contact me at my CrackBerry.\” is devoted to turning into the chief wellspring for goodness\’ sake BlackBerry. For more data visit or contact Kevin Michaluk at or by telephone at 1.204.982.0011

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