Confidence in the Housing Market Weakens Amid the Economic Uncertainty

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November 9, 2011
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November 10, 2011

More individuals anticipate that house costs will fall as opposed to ascend throughout the following year, as indicated by the most recent Halifax Lodging Market Certainty tracker. 30% foresee that the national normal house cost will decrease throughout the following twelve months. Notwithstanding, this is just possibly more than the 28% that conjecture a value ascend over same the period, proposing an apparently energized standpoint towards the market.

The feature House Value Viewpoint adjust has in this way slipped into negative domain with a general adjust score of – 2 rate focuses (28% short 30%) contrasted and the positive perusing of +9 (32% expecting an ascent less 23% expecting a fall) recorded in April\’s review.

Be that as it may, house value developments are relied upon to be humble

In any case, the larger part of respondents expect any adjustment in house costs throughout the following year to be generally unobtrusive with 57% anticipating that any development should be amongst +5% and – 5%. Moreover, more than a quarter (27%) imagine that house costs will be unaltered in a year\’s chance.

North-South gap in the viewpoint at house costs

There is a reasonable North-South separation with respect to the viewpoint at house costs throughout the following twelve months. The main three UK locales with a positive feature House Value Standpoint adjust (i.e. showing that more individuals anticipate that house costs will rise as opposed to fall) are in southern Britain. Londoners are most hopeful with a general net adjust of +13, trailed by the South West (+3) and the South East (+1). Conversely, those living in Scotland are the most skeptical about the viewpoint at house costs (- 17). (See Table 1 for subtle elements)

Work instability and raising a store are viewed as the principle snags to home purchasing…

Over half (57%) refered to worries over employer stability as one of the principle snags to purchasing a home (up five focuses on April). A quarter (25%) likewise recognized stresses over family funds as a key boundary to house buy (down six focuses).

Current conditions in the UK contract showcase keep on weighing on purchasers with 57% trusting that worries over having the capacity to raise a store are a noteworthy obstruction to home purchasing (up seven focuses).

…In any case, it\’s a superior time to purchase than offer

More individuals trust that it is right now a purchaser\’s market with 53% of all respondents imagining that it is at present a decent time to purchase. This is more than four circumstances the extent suspecting that it is a decent time to offer (13%). These assessments have solidified essentially in the course of recent months.

Presently, just 9% of grown-ups, and a similar extent of proprietor occupiers, think the following twelve months will be a decent time to purchase and a decent time to offer.

Martin Ellis, lodging financial analyst at Halifax, remarked:

"It is obvious that trust in the lodging market has been shaken somewhat in the course of the most recent couple of months given the expanding vulnerability about the current monetary environment, together with weight on householders\’ accounts from feeble income development, higher expansion and assessment rises. In any case, in spite of this weakening in notion, record low loan costs keep on helping to bolster the market. House costs broadly have changed minimal by and large since the begin of the year and we expect little change in both costs and action throughout the following few months."

OTHER KEY Discoveries

Proprietor occupiers:

– Proprietor occupiers are more negative about the prospects for the lodging market than people in general overall. 33% of existing property holders surmise that the national normal cost will be lower in 12 months time contrasted and 26% who believe that it will be higher (a net adjust of – 7 rate focuses and more terrible than the +5 recorded in April).

– 80% of proprietor occupiers think the following 12 months would be an awful time to offer (up 16 focuses since April). 58% think it would be a decent time to purchase.

Rental market:

– 66% of grown-ups surmise that private rents will ascend throughout the following 12 months, contrasted with only 3% who trust that rents will fall.

– Private tenants have comparative opinions (69% and 5% individually).


The Halifax Lodging Market Certainty tracker screens open assumption towards the lodging market. The overview, led by Ipsos MORI for the benefit of Halifax, was embraced in the vicinity of seventh and thirteenth October 2011.

Overview respondents were gotten some information about property, characterized as "house, pads, flats and a wide range of accommodation". Meetings were attempted vis-à-vis with an agent test of 1,986 English grown-ups matured 16+ utilizing 155 inspecting focuses crosswise over England. Information are weighted to the national populace profile by age, sex, working status, area, ethnicity, and residency.

Results are liable to examining resistances e.g. +2 for a half finding in view of 1,986 grown-ups (95% certainty level).

Full detail on the study procedure, inspecting resistances, survey and discoveries can be found at:

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