Conival plc: Tesco listings for new product from SPARKY BRAND

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September 23, 2006
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September 25, 2006

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, September 24, 2006 – Conival (Point: CVL) reports that it has secured postings in 180 Tesco stores from 16 October for its new superfruit juice drink, the Acai and Mango juice, in 1ltr packs. The new squeeze is separated from the wild Acai berry, which is reaped in South America, is accepted to hold the most elevated amount of cancer prevention agents of any natural product.

The new squeeze is the most recent in the SPARKY Mark Omega 3 territory. Pomegranate in Squeezed apple is as of now recorded in 200 Tesco stores and 291 Sainsbury stores around the UK.The Cranberry, Raspberry and Blueberry in Grape Juice with Omega 3 was propelled in Sainsbury\’s stores from May of this current year.

Remarking, Jeremy Schwartz, Chief of Conival plc, said:

\”We keep on addressing purchaser interest for not-from-focus \”super squeezes\” and have chosen to proceed with the development of our super natural products extend taking after the achievement of the Pomegranate in Squeezed apple in both Sainsbury and Tesco. We have stopped to supply to Waitrose where it was trialed crosswise over 40 stores. I trust that our new Acai and Mango item is a decent sign of how we keep on bringing creative items into this portion of the market.\”

SPARKY Mark has likewise as of late experienced another bundling outline that has been tried in an examination think about and the outcomes demonstrated an expansion in positive buy purpose. The SPARKY BRANDTM run has been produced to make a scope of \’super squeeze\’ items consolidating Omega 3, whose noteworthy medical advantages are turning out to be progressively perceived. Every item is free from added substances or additives, with no less than 20% of the suggested day by day allow (RDI) of long chain Omega 3 DHA/EPA per serving of 250ml.

Andrew Regan\’s speculation organization Corvus Capital Inc as of now claims 33.14 for every penny of the issued common share capital of Conival plc.

Notes to Editors:

Acai berry – The Acai Palm yields the Acai berry which has many uses in South American culture from sustenance to oil to cooking and the real Acai berry is likewise utilized for its therapeutic properties. The berry contains the most noteworthy measure of anthocyannins, the purple cancer prevention agent colors, of any organic product.

Omega 3 – \”Omega 3 has been appeared to have a significant part in mental health and capacity. It has been appeared to decrease the danger of sudden demise from heart assault. It might likewise help types of dysfunctional behavior and solid joints\”, Educator Michael Crawford PhD, Cbiol, FIBol, FRCPath, Chief of the Foundation of Mind Science and Human Nourishment, London Metropolitan College.

– Omega 3 is a long and adaptable atom that is the building square to mind cell dividers and greases up conduits and joints

– The specialized name is polyunsaturated unsaturated fats and it\’s a basic supplement, fundamental as a major aspect of an adjusted eating regimen

– The best type of Omega 3 are long chain DHA/EPA which you can get from sleek fish

– The not all that powerful type of Omega 3 are short chain ALA which originate from linseeds and rapeseed

– Your body can\’t create long chain Omega 3, you need to eat it

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