Convergent Contents Enterprise, \’Mofac & Alfred\’ Introduces a New Domestic Trend Based on VFX and IP Animation

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January 12, 2017
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Mofac & Alfred is a specific organization in light of joining substance innovation, which was shaped by the merger of two organizations, Mofac Studio Co., Ltd. what\’s more, Alfred Imageworks Co., Ltd. in November 2015.

Mofac is the main organization that demonstrated the start of Korea\’s VFX by tackling the water recreation VFX (Visual Impact) of the film \’Haeundae\’. Alfred is a silver screen movement design organization that produces renowned works, for example, FIFA CF through its know-how.

Particularly the executive of the motion picture \”The Lawyer\” and other film instructors cooperated to center around the innovation as well as on the story, and to present new pattern in the arrangement of local market with methodology to extend and reinforce the force of motion picture flourishing to the movement showcase.

Mofac & Alfred\’s representative specified that the most paramount film and best motion picture in the business was Haeundae VFX. The \’7 Square\’ was a film industry hit, yet it was the main film made toward the start of the stereoscopic change, and it secured the cutting edge VFX innovation of Mofac.

Right now, orders for works from abroad markets, for example, China are by and large effectively got. Mofac & Alfred is likewise accountable for the VFX of the film coordinated by Ji Sung-Chi, which is booked to open in January in China.

As a worldwide system, it is creating Charles Dickens\’ unique film \”Life of Jesus\” as a liveliness motion picture went for the US and Nordic markets with the primary business of creating IP activity in view of VFX.

MOFAC & ALFRED are enlivened by individuals, intending to convey motivation through constant substance at whatever point they see it, making it an organization incentive to create works that share esteem and reverberate.

We are continually testing the worldwide activity showcase, which can be perceived abroad, and keep on conducting innovative work to improve its future incentive as cutting edge united substance and compound substance.

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