Cougar De-clawed by World\’s Largest Internet Search Engine

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May 17, 2010
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May 18, 2010

It is difficult being a Cougar nowadays. Initial an article turned out that ladies who wed more youthful men have a shorter future, then the maker of the hit indicate "Cougar Town" chose he needs to change the name of the show and now Google is changing the order of the Cougar expression to "non-family safe" or grown-up.

This implies Cougar dating sites where more established ladies can meet more youthful men will never again have the capacity to promote on the Google custom-content system.

Claudia Opdenkelder, organizer of says she was as of late educated by Google that it is ordering advertisements advancing the idea of "Cougar dating" as perilous for family groups of onlookers.

Things being what they are, precisely what is risky about more established ladies dating more youthful men? Evidently, the Mountainview, Ca based organization has gotten tied up with the myth that these connections are just about sex.

Lucia, a dating/relationship master, the #1 Cougar dating master and creator of, "Lucia\’s Lessons of Love" says, "I have been a backer of Cougar dating since 2005. I can unequivocally enlighten you it isn\’t quite recently concerning sex. There are numerous glad Cougar couples who might be totally hopeless dating or being hitched to individuals their own age. It will now be more troublesome for more seasoned ladies and more youthful men to locate each other on the web. China blue-penciled Google and now Google is blue penciling Cougars. Today it\’s Cougars, tomorrow it could be you."

Lucia is a dating/relationship master having some expertise in Cougar connections. She has been on various national and universal television and radio shows including Dr. Phil, The Tyra Banks Appear, E! Stimulation, a hour Australia, The CBS Early Show and The KTLA News, who called her the "Queen of the Cougar Jungle".

Lucia is accessible for meetings.

Contact: Ms. Demasi, 310-285-8877


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