Crakmedia has Accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge!

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The test, which requires the dumping of water on one\’s make a beeline for bring issues to light and raise cash for the battle against ALS (Amyotrophic parallel sclerosis), regularly alluded to as \”Lou Gehrig\’s Malady,\” has been all the buzz around the Web in the most recent couple of weeks. This dynamic neurodegenerative illness assaults the sensory system, influencing the nerve cells in the mind.

Crakmedia will give $20 for each Crakmedia representative who partakes in this test, which likewise happens to be for an awesome cause. In any case, to do things another way, Crakmedia won\’t choose different organizations for the test, yet rather, popular and compelling assumes that have been sufficiently blessed to live long, sound, sans als lives up to this point: The Pope, Ruler Elizabeth, and Hugh Hefner.

Because of the mass cooperation of workers (50 staff individuals) Crakmedia will give $1000 to the ALS Affiliation – a decent commitment to the cause.

Crakmedia unequivocally underpins philanthropy and urges everybody to give to this bring about. The organization trusts by selecting some of these worldwide, powerful driving figures, that extra mindfulness will be raised.

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