Creative Golf Game Full of Puzzle Elements Challenges Global Market!

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August 13, 2015
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August 14, 2015

LuDus501 (Chief Jung Suk-hee) set to formally dispatch the golf amusement \”GOLFTRIX\”.

GOLFTRIX is a compound expression of the words \”golf\”, \”network\”, \”trap\”, and \”excursion\”. In view of confound components, the golf diversion likewise has a ton of fun and energizing parts of other amusement types.

Dissimilar to other golf recreations, GOLFTRIX has a basic and cutting edge UI plan with a level outline idea. Furthermore, GOLFTRIX utilizes Shadow Workmanship, amusement representation with dark outlines and strong shading foundation. Therefore, GOLFTRIX has an innovative and separated outline idea that is special to other as of late propelled reasonable recreations.

Its encouraging technique is likewise not quite the same as other golf amusements. It might appear like a 2D amusement, all things considered, it is 3D. GOLFTRIX has diversion space that clients can\’t see, and new space is made through the amusement landscape\’s pivot turn.

GOLFTRIX has an inventive framework where clients use recently made space. LuDus501 has connected for a patent for \”Stage Plan Framework through 3-dimensional pivot\”, which is connected to \”GOLFTRIX\”.

The diversion uses imaginative thoughts that expand the elements of cell phones. For instance, one can blow on a ball close to an opening through the telephone\’s mouthpiece, and foggy climate can be facilitated by rubbing the cell phone\’s screen.

Loaded with self-assurance, Jung Suk-hee, Chief of LuDus501, stated, \”The diversion joins fun components of different recreations, and the plan idea and swing movements were made by means of specialized swing investigations of popular golfers. The amusement additionally has capacities coordinating the inconstancy of evolving climate. These new frameworks and attributes give GOLFTRIX a focused edge over existing golf diversions.\”

In the mean time, LuDus501, a start-up amusement studio, has been earning much consideration from the gaming business. It won the silver prize at the CKL Amusement Grant in 2014, and was a piece of the top rundown of GAMING Honor in 2015. GOLFTRIX\’s application can be found on Google Play Store toward the finish of July.

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