Crunk, Incorporated\’s own, Serious Lord, Announces New Talent Roster & Expansion to the Imprint of Atlanta Crunk Music

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Crunk, Consolidated\’s Main Executive, Tommy \”Genuine Ruler\” Phillips, known for composing and creating for such specialists as Lil John, Lil Crude, DMX, Wrongdoing Swarm, Trillville and Lil Precious stone; is prepared to turn the page and push ahead with his melodic considerations and worldwide index acknowledgment.

Amid his fight over rights and cash, Genuine Ruler remained in the studio working with new melodic ability to incorporate Shanghai Fleek on his introduction single \”Group Banner,\” and on a hot EDM record by EDM RAVE called \”Drop and Go.\” Both tunes were blended and aced at Patchwerk Studios by Mike Wilson and Kenny Mixx.

Genuine Ruler says \”We don\’t owe each other anything.\” Wrongdoing Swarm, Warner Siblings, and Genuine Master simply settled a question concerning their five-collection contract. (See Official Docket

To the extent Wrongdoing Swarm is concerned, Genuine Master says, \”Ain\’t no ill will, I wish them well and particularly Jewel with her new part with WeTV\’s own Sisterhood of Hip Jump. Wrongdoing Crowd close by with myself made a great deal of good music, however \”Crunk, Inc.\” is a platinum mark now. It\’s a great opportunity to proceed onward with that genuine Atlanta crunk and road fleek music. What\’s more, we are unquestionably exploring new territory with EDM RAVE, however we are not going to make tracks in an opposite direction from what got us here, which is the customary sound that my person Shanghai Fleek brings.\”

Look at Shanghai Fleek\’s new single \”Group Banner\”: signal single/id977371104?ls=1

Look at EDM RAVE\’s new single \”Drop and Go\”:

About Crunk, Fused:

\”Crunk\” can be followed back to 1972 in the Dr. Seuss book Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now. He utilizes the expression \”Crunk-Auto\” as a methods for the exceptionally sluggish fellow Marvin, to go off to fairyland. All things considered, Tommy Phillips IV made his fantasies work out as expected when he created….. (Crunk Inc.).

Crunk, Joined (Crunk Inc.) is a RIAA ensured Platinum and Gold recording name and distributer. Our distributing houses are Beneficiary, Lordess, and Companions (ASCAP), Overall Platinum (BMI), and Scholarly Speculation Music (BMI). Tommy Phillips IV is the President, Chief, originator, and sole proprietor of (Crunk Inc.).

Tommy Phillips IV, who has worked together in the music business as DJ Genuine Ruler of Gobekli Tepe, squeezed his first record up in 1997. He has been giving vocation heading to Artisans and Performers since 1997. In the wake of overseeing and composing for Lil Sketchy and Wrongdoing Swarm, Tommy got a name conveyance bargain from Warner Siblings and Repeat Records for Wrongdoing Horde in 2004. Crunk Fused (Crunk Inc.) kept working with Warner Siblings and Repeat Records by marking Precious stone of Wrongdoing Swarm to a performance bargain in 2008.

Tommy has composed and created for Lil Jon, Lil Crude and Trillville, and also Wrongdoing Crowd. Melodies like F.I.L.A., Rap is Like(black showcase reward), Go for Dat highlighting DMX (Never Pass on Alone Film and Soundtrack) were altogether instituted and composed by DJ Genuine Ruler for Crunk Joined (Crunk Inc.).

Tommy satisfied his fantasies of turning into a \”Music Man\”. CRUNK Joined (Crunk Inc.) is ONE OF THE Primary RECORD Names IN MUSIC HISTORY TO BE RIAA Ensured GOLD AND PLATINUM FOR MASTERTONE Deals (2006) for Wrongdoing Swarm\’s \”KNUCK On the off chance that YOU BUCK\”. Purchase Crunk, Inc. what\’s more, Wrongdoing Horde Shirts, hoodies & stock today.

After effectively achieving platinum status with Wrongdoing Crowd, Crunk Joined has now entered the Electronic Move Music working with high vitality aggregate EDM RAVE. Driven by DJ Genuine Ruler, genius of the Wrongdoing Horde sound, EDM RAVE hopes to keep the gathering moving with the most extraordinary move music ever made. From Crunk to Move/Electronic…. EDM RAVE is in the mix!!!!!

Search for DJ Genuine Ruler to make his performance check in Contemporary Instrumental Music, too.

Finally….. you know a Crunk Party don\’t stop. Crunk Consolidated presents the new collection \”Life After Wrongdoing Mob\”…. featuring DJ Genuine Ruler as Shanghai Fleek.

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