Dance and Digital Culture Merge in AFROFUTURISM Series

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Maverick Execution Amass presents the 2015 AFROFUTURISM Arrangement at the Irondale Center, in Brooklyn, NY, November 4-7.

Rebel Execution Gathering will display two one of a kind full-length programs: the world-debut of Untitled Separations, including Neon Cross, Advanced Center Entry, Shrouded Tracks (indicating November fourth and sixth) and the Engraving Project(showing November fifth and seventh), for their 2015 season, THE AFROFUTURISM Arrangement. Initially propelled in January 2014, the AFROFUTURISM Arrangement is a continuous intuitive sight and sound venture that examines the nearness of Darkness into and past 21st Century techno-culture, craftsmanship, and society through contemporary move in a computerized scene. The arrangement presents a stage where Dark social subjects and settings are remixed and reconsidered through contemporary move, advanced sound scaping and finishing. The 2015 AFROFUTURISM Arrangement will be Maverick Execution Gathering\’s first season in the organization\’s establishing city, Brooklyn, NY.

\”A great part of the work and thoughts connecting with AFROFUTURISM have existed in creative mediums outside of the body, for example, music, film, writing, and visual workmanship. Our point with the AFROFUTURISM Arrangement is to utilize move and execution to make new accounts and meet innovation utilizing the living body as a medium,\” Rebel Execution Gathering\’s masterful chief and interdisciplinary craftsman, Andre Zachery, offers. \”RPG\’s new works analyze different activities, customs, and developments that continually build up another structure for Dark presence – one past regular generalizations, tropes or anticipations. The possibility without bounds and its potential outcomes exist in everybody from each culture. We would like to permit the gathering of people to experience something obscure about this plausibility!\”

The AFROFUTURISM Arrangement highlights joint efforts with sound specialists and authors Ivonne K. Paredes and Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, spray painting & visual craftsman Aaron \”Spazecraft\” Lazansky, and ensemble creator Satisfaction Safe houses. The entertainers of RPG including Sarah Chien, Shiloh Hodges, Cameron McKinney, Candace Thompson and Nehemoyia Youthful, speak to the differences of Brooklyn in nationality, character, sex and move foundations. RPG is building another future with each imaginative wander.

Begat by social pundit Stamp Dery in the 90s, Afrofuturism alludes to the developing imaginative development that fuses social stylish that joins masterful components of sci-fi, verifiable fiction, dream, Afrocentricity, and studies accounts of individuals of African plummet in a science fiction, cutting edge bargains. Rebel Execution Gathering\’s aggregate assortment of work for the season looks to motivate and fashion a more grounded self-personality and regard for mankind AFROFUTURISM as a development communicates new and dynamic accounts, belief systems and images illustrative of Dark culture from a worldwide Diasporan point of view. With move and new media development, Maverick Execution Gathering is ready to lead an evaluate of the advancing personality and present-day difficulties of minorities utilizing move and execution workmanship as the structure for the following period of the AFROFUTURISM development.

The execution season will run four evenings, from 4-7 November at the Irondale Center, situated at 85 South Oxford Road Brooklyn, NY. For tickets to Rebel Execution Gathering\’s 2015 AFROFUTURISM Arrangement, visit All shows start at 8:00pm. General confirmation tickets are quite recently $25; understudy rate tickets are $18 and $15 for gatherings of 10 individuals or more.

For press request on Rebel Execution Gathering\’s AFROFUTURISM Arrangement and media goes to cover the occasion, please contact Jasu Sims at For press resources, visit To get associated with Rebel Execution Aggregate, take after the organization on Twitter and Instagram at @RenegadePG. To take in more about The AFROFUTURISM Arrangement, visit Join the Rebel Execution Aggregate on Facebook people group and RSVP to go to The AFROFUTURISM Arrangement at the Irondale Center.

ABOUT Maverick Execution Amass

Maverick Execution Gathering was established in Brooklyn, New York to connect with another era of groups of onlookers with execution and imaginatively coordinates move, narrating, new media and culture. Shaped in 2007 by Andre Zachery, the organization was outlined as a creative outlet to cultivate exchange constrained by the human experience. Rebel Execution Gather works together with specialists of all classes on activities that extend the limits of execution presentation. To take in more about Rebel Execution Amass, visit

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