Debut Jewellery Collection from Agent Provocateur Delves into Filmic and Literary Inspirations

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August 22, 2010
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Specialist Provocateur\’s presentation Adornments Gathering for Pre-winter/Winter 2010 celebrates notorious female heroes, easily and carefully supplementing the underwear line:

Dim Children\’s story

Dim Children\’s story is propelled by the stunning hints of Hans Christian Anderson\’s fantastical tall tales and the puzzle evoked in Pedersen and Frolich\’s notable delineations. The dull wood wakes up inundating Snow White as she honestly investigates this new environment. Endless supply of sensitive 18ct gold chains are charming when enhanced with thistles, quietly sparkling by day, pointed after dull.

Latin/Spray painting

Encoded sentimental messages give an engaging power behind the Latin/Spray painting gathering. \’Kiss me with a thousand kisses\’ summons an enthusiastic thought when engraved in Latin on a dainty bangle; \’Love vanquishes all things: let us to surrender to love\’ is similarly wonderful. \’Continuously wear your clothing\’ is a saucy indication of the Specialist Provocateur rationality, shrewdly encoded in interpretation. The straightforward Spray painting rings checked \’love\’, \”damina\” and \”lover\” make a strong blessing between accomplices.


The Shackle gathering is enlivened by the many-sided workmanship of tackle creators at the base of legacy architects. A dream of Marlene Dietrich, \’The Red Sovereign\’, in dressage formal attire offers character to this marvelous neckband and arm jewelery. A 18ct steed shoe catch and a fine gold chain give a lovely highlight to these intense pieces.

Group of concubines Evenings

Envision the disarray and theater of the group of concubines succession in Federico Fellini\’s \’8 1/2\’ as the ladies enthrall Marcello; envision Elizabeth Taylor sparkling and charming in \’Cleopatra\’; this is the force of the extraordinary obscure. Group of concubines puts forth an emotional expression as dark rhodium plate is compared with the finest 18ct chains in hoops suspended and liquid, similar to fluid gold. A neckband that sits under the chest summons a magical memory of \’A Thousand and One Evenings\’. A larger than usual precious stone ring finishes the gathering.


Slug is a kitsch accumulation of rich garnet cabochons, shaped into 18ct gold plate to imitate lethal shots. The inward Bond Young lady is uncovered wearing the individual shot ring, or the control chain armlet with a twofold slug fasten. A solitary projectile cabochon pendant hangs like a toxic substance vial, hazardous and in a split second enabling.

Military Cross

Dreams of Liliana Cavani\’s \’The Night Doorman\’ move this accumulation, accused of suggestive and dull symbolism. Power is put in the possibility of the Uniform, which in \’Military Cross\’ is praised in the award like centerpiece of the sensational jewelry.

About Specialist Provocateur

Specialist Provocateur was established in 1994 opening its first boutique in Soho, London. They now have a retail system of 47 boutique outlets all through Europe, the Assembled States, Canada, UAE and Asia. The honor winning site has web based business offices conveying around the world, offering ladies wherever stunning underwear: wonderfully bundled and watchfully conveyed. With home office in the East End of London the organization is currently claimed by private value firm 3i. Including swimwear, excellence, hosiery and adornments notwithstanding undergarments, Operator Provocateur keeps on energizing and motivate on a worldwide scale.


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