DornerWorks Wins DARPA SBIR Contract Related to seL4 Microkernel

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August 20, 2015
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The US Safeguard Propelled Inquire about Ventures Office (DARPA) has granted DornerWorks a Private company Development Look into (SBIR) Stage I contract for subject SB151-003 \”Secure Programming Parts Utilizing the seL4 Microkernel\”. DornerWorks has been contracted to create strategies for building secure programming segments utilizing the seL4 microkernel. Together with accomplice Rockwell Collins, DornerWorks means to utilize this way to deal with construct a cutting edge warrior show framework that can procedure information with implicit, reliable security. Key Specialist for the venture, Dr. Steven H. VanderLeest, says \”DornerWorks is enchanted to get this SBIR contract and anticipates enhancing and applying the seL4 environment, working with DARPA and Rockwell Collins.\”

Working frameworks have benefits to get to the equipment of a figuring framework and along these lines must be painstakingly examined to dispense with imperfections. Little microkernels for inserted frameworks can be altogether investigated through thorough strategies for plan confirmation and, since a microkernel is not bypassable, a trusted microkernel can be utilized to guarantee appropriate security controls in a framework. The seL4 microkernel was confirmed utilizing formal techniques, giving solid affirmation of the security assurances of the working framework that are required for frameworks requiring high degrees of security as well as wellbeing.

The venture title is \”A seL4-Empowered Safe & Secure Trooper Head protector Show.\” The development of part advancements, including low-control installed preparing, low-control light weight sensors, fighter organizing, and straightforward wide-field-of-view close eye shows, have prompted to the improvement of new warrior show frameworks. These frameworks current situational mindfulness data got from both on-head protector databases and data transmitted to the officer. Data from the fighter could likewise be communicate to give situational mindfulness data to others. Dr. Matthew Wilding, Important Research Gather Chief in the Rockwell Collins Propelled Innovation Center, says \”Advanced trooper protective cap shows require solid security controls. The seL4-based innovation being created offers a way to deal with security that is both useful and thorough.\”

About DornerWorks

DornerWorks is a head supplier of inserted gadgets, FPGA, and programming building administrations and arrangements giving aptitude to security basic aviation, resistance, medicinal, car, and modern markets. Established in 2000, DornerWorks has developed into one of the biggest installed building configuration administrations firms in the nation with AS9100, ISO 13485, and ISO 9001 accreditations. Give the creative group at DornerWorks a chance to give answers for your most requesting undertakings. For more data, contact or visit

About Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in the improvement and sending of inventive correspondence and aeronautics electronic answers for both business and government applications. Rockwell Collins ability in flight deck flying, lodge hardware, mission correspondences, reenactment and preparing, and data administration is conveyed by a worldwide workforce, and an administration and bolster arrange that crosses more than 150 nations. To discover all the more, please visit

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