Dr. Julio Garcia Introduces Kybella to Las Vegas Plastic Surgery Center

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Dr. Julio Garcia reported Monday that he has added Kybella to the non-surgical administrations accessible at his center. Kybella is an other option to facial liposuction that has been affirmed by the U.S. Sustenance and Medication Organization for treatment of undesirable fat underneath the jaw.

\”It is exceptionally energizing to have an approach to shape a twofold button or greasy neck with no surgery, no downtime and no inconvenience,\” Dr. Garcia said. \”Kybella has opened another outskirts for some patients to exploit.\”

Kybella is controlled by infusion to the jaw and neck as dictated by the patient\’s corrective needs. Treatment takes roughly 15 minutes, after which patients can continue their consistent exercises immediately.

All patients healthy can securely experience Kybella treatment. The decrease in fat may be obvious after a solitary arrangement, however once in a while extra sessions are fundamental. Dr. Garcia can give up to six medicines with a month between every arrangement.

The molded appearance of the button profile after Kybella treatment is enduring. Dr. Garcia modifies the course of infusions to every patient\’s objectives.

About Julio Garcia, MD, FACS

Dr. Julio Garcia has served the Las Vegas range since 1988. Notwithstanding surgery of the bosoms, body and face, he gives premium injectables, for example, BOTOX Corrective, Sculptra Tasteful, Kybella and that\’s only the tip of the iceberg. Patients from over the Assembled States and around the world routinely visit Dr. Garcia for the blend of craftsmanship and science he conveys to each methodology.

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