Eleazar Kauderer to Join The NIAF

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NEW YORK, NY, November 19, 2007 – This goes ahead the heels of Mr. Kauderer playing a non-benefit part in numerous associations that are concentrating on helping with the development of New York. Outside of New York, in the most recent year, Eleazar Kauderer has started initiating numerous Land and humanitarian ventures in the Typhoon desolated Mississippi and New Orleans by actualizing his insight in business and back with a Business Land curve. He and his Business Financier firm, Legal advisors Realty and Sales have gone up against large portions of these circumstances around the nation. Most as of late, Mr. Kauderer started searching out non-benefit associations in California to help with any way essential after the damaging rapidly spreading fires.

\”Joining the NIAF implies more to me other than simply attempting to help the Italian American Business People group in New York. I am original American and this nation respected my mom as an Italian Foreigner with opened arms. Those are the foreigners that constructed the texture to develop this nation\”, said Eleazar Kauderer. \”In today\’s day and age, this nation has turned out to be more centered around keeping out those settlers who are here to exploit the framework and we disregard searching out to help those worker families and business\’ that need our assistance here.\”

Mr. Kauderer, in conjunction with The More prominent New York Assembly of Trade, Attorneys Realty and Closeouts and his family claimed firm, The Kauderer Gather, hope to search out business\’ possessed by Italian American Outsiders who require help in development and budgetary security. These three associations pledge to invest the energy fundamental it will take to have any kind of effect.

About NIAF

The National Italian American Establishment (NIAF) is a non-benefit association committed to protecting and advancing the legacy and culture of Americans of Italian respectable, the country\’s fifth biggest ethnic gathering. As a brought together and compelling Washington voice for this group, NIAF gives instructive and grant openings, and also projects and exercises, to help our youngsters; advances the history, legacy and achievements of Italian Americans; serves as a contact between the Italian American people group and the U.S. Congress, the White House and government organizations, while likewise advancing the arrangement of qualified Italian Americans in the administration; secures the character and guarantee a practical depiction of Italian Americans in the media and expressions of the human experience; serves as a contact amongst Italy and the Assembled States by advancing social, instructive, monetary, and political participation; serves as a clearinghouse of data on Italy and on Americans of Italian drop.

The NIAF was established in 1975 as a non-benefit association in Washington, DC. It is totally non-fanatic.

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