Envitems Launches The World\’s Smallest Particle Counter

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April 16, 2015
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April 17, 2015

Envitems, a cleantech organization spend significant time in air quality, dispatches another item, the world\’s littlest molecule counter. Envitems LPC is a financially savvy and conservative answer for checking molecule levels in surrounding air. Envitems LPC weighs just 195 grams with an incorporated pump.

Envitems LPC can be utilized to quantify demonstrative molecule levels anyplace. The item can be utilized for example in air quality checking ventures and in building automation.The openings with this minimized and financially savvy molecule counter are extraordinary and rouse to new advancements.

The Envitems molecule counter is intended for measuring particles under 2.5 and 10 micrometers in breadth. The molecule counter can be easily incorporated as a part of an assortment of frameworks.

Envitems LPC measures particles by investigating the dissipating of laser light brought about by passing particles. The particles are measured optically and examined with computerized flag prosessing (DSP). Fundamental climate information can likewise be incorporated, as the item is accessible with temperature and moistness sensors.

\”This molecule counter means that the organization\’s imaginative capacities and additionally the abnormal state of specialized skill here at Envitems\” states organization President Eero Alkkiomaki. \”We anticipate new developments and approaches to use this innovation.\”

About Envitems Inc.

Envitems is an exclusive Finnish organization spend significant time in air quality measuring instruments. The organization is an instrument producer with broad involvement in the gadgets business and the cleantech area. Envitems outlines and makes air quality stations that are utilized to gauge the contamination gas and molecule substance of encompassing air, while additionally furnishing clients with related information administrations.

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