Esa Unggul University Towards World Class University through Three Pillars of Excellence and Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi Implementation

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Esa Unggul College has three mainstays of perfection, in particular: Business enterprise, Data Innovation, and Correspondence Expertise. Its vision is to be a world class college in light of learnedness, innovativeness and enterprise. Esa Unggul College\’s incredibleness lies on quality administration and the usage of Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi (Three Duties of College), to be specific: Educating and learning, Research and Group Benefit. Esa Unggul College has solid responsibility to accomplish the world class standard by creating collaboration with some global establishments for the change of showing quality and educational programs too. Besides, EUU produces wise and basic scholars, as well as produces graduates who are skilled, inventive in making openings for work, and all around arranged to confront worldwide rivalry.

EUU builds up the mainstay of enterprise by giving arrangement on business inspiration for new understudies, business address, innovative business rivalry, and business proposition, enterprise work preparing, business interview and additionally the making of air, which empowers their soul of business. The vital environment is continually testing and driving the College to hunt advancement and new institutional qualities. The mainstay of business enterprise is expected to make self-governance in work and ability for the making of opening for work. As we probably am aware in numerous nations, these days, business enterprise has turned into a worldview for the improvement of economy and HR.

The mainstay of data innovation is executed through the utilization of an e-learning model furnished with e-library offices, mixed media gadgets and video meeting in each class, bolstered with incorporated data framework in arranging the exercises of understudies, scholastic, back, understudy confirmation and addresses. The mainstay of correspondence is actualized through change of understudies\’ dialect capability with TOEFL/TOEIC score as standard estimation.

The scholastic and administration quality is seriously getting enhanced by building up a focal point of incredibleness in view of ICT (Data, Correspondence, and Innovation) to bolster 28 think about projects in doing learning process. (detail program visit

Other critical part of the nature of College is demonstrated by Accreditation. Accreditation is an official appraisal led by an administration foundation in Indonesia, in particular Badan Akreditasi Nasional, to screen and to assess the nature of training in all review programs at College. The aftereffect of accreditation is set apart with level A, B, C and D (unaccredited) and its term is 5 years. To accomplish that, it needs solid responsibility of all gatherings in grounds including educational programs, offices, learning procedure, graduates, and the usage of Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi. Besides, EUU has accomplished ISO 9001:2008/IWA-2.

There are five review programs at EUU which get \”An\” accreditation in graduate review program, they are 1).Management, 2).Product Outline, 3).Medical Record Administration, 4). Data Innovation, and 5).Communication. The staying graduate review programs get \”B\” Accreditation in particular, Bookkeeping, Modern Building, City and Territorial Arranging, Visual Correspondence Plan, Data Framework, General Wellbeing, Sustenance, Wellbeing Data Administration, Law and Brain science. Additionally, Magister of Administration, Magister of Bookkeeping, Magister of Open Organization and Magister of Law are likewise have \”B\” accreditation. In this way, unmistakably another college understudy must consider and reexamine the believability or the picture of a college before settling on the last decision.

To put it plainly, EUU is not just perceived as an establishment that can make basic and brilliant masterminds, additionally creates imaginative graduates who can make opening for work. All these are proposed to enhance the nature of learning procedure. To wrap things up, EUU additionally offers grant to qualified understudies of all locales in Indonesia and abroad.

Esa Unggul College as a private college situated at 9 Jalan Arjuna, West Jakarta, Indonesia truly worries in executing Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi – educating, research and group benefit. This makes favorable position to finish great accreditation level on each review program. Another indicate that has accomplished great accreditation is its vision to be a world class college in view of learnedness, innovativeness, and business enterprise.

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