Fantasy Novel \”I Can See You\” Wins Top Honors In New Apple Book Awards For Excellence In Independent Publishing

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\”I Can See You (Emma Willis Book 1)\” by Joss Landry wins Best New Fiction and picked as Medalist Victor in the Dream class of the 2015 New Apple Book Grants for Brilliance in Autonomous Distributing.

BOOK Outline

Emma Willis is ten years of age and has a mystery. She not just acquired her grandma\’s energy of sight, she can finish a great deal more. Like most kids without kin growing up among grown-ups, she is bright yet now and again forlorn. At the point when a killer is free in Newark, a lunatic with a hunger for murdering young ladies, she starts to comprehend why her Granny Dottie called her sight a revile. She will require every one of her forces to get an executioner and help the general population in her life: Analyst Hank Apple, her educator Christina Tyler, and her little group of three.


Joss has filled in as an expert for over a quarter century, duplicate for showcasing firms and helping new businesses dispatch their business. She as of late changed from making duplicate and promos, to composing fiction and composition. She is building up her style through courses and the support of different essayists. Favored with four kids and five grandchildren, she dwells in Edmonton Alberta with her better half, a staunch supporter, and appreciates investing energy biking, rollerblading, playing tennis, and swimming. She adores making stories as she says they satisfy her need to consider unheard of options.


The Yearly New Apple Book Grants for Greatness in Free Distributing was built up to respect the innovative accomplishments of the unsung books battling for their place inside the computerized distributing world. Any English dialect book distributed inside the most recent three years, at present accessible available to be purchased by a free writer or little press that met the Honors\’ rules was qualified for section. One book was picked in every classification as the Medalist Champ getting the most astounding respects. Also, the judges were allowed to pick up to three Authority Determinations for classification refinement. Three general victors were looked over the greater part of the honor passages for \”Best New Fiction\”, \”Best Cover\” and \”Soul Grant\”.


I Can See You (Emma Willis Book 1) is accessible in Soft cover and Digital book on Amazon. To discover more about the New Apple Book Grants, visit


Creator: Joss Landry

Distributing House: Book Beatles LLC

ISBN-10: 0996044196


Creator site:

Twitter: @josslandry



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