Father Daughter Mix-Up Causes Huge Mix-Up at the IRS – Blue Tax to the Rescue!

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March 28, 2011
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Making sense of regardless of whether record duties and how to document is sufficiently confounding. At the point when the IRS chooses you owe cash when you know you don\’t – that just gets plain unpleasant!

Take Steve (Alameda, CA), for example, who came to Blue Expense in the wake of being pestered by the IRS and State in view of a slip-up made by his little girl\’s home loan moneylender. Steve\’s little girl was getting reserves from a negligence claim, which was the premise of her pay. Her home loan moneylender should reference that pay in their records yet rather erroneously connected it as Steve\’s wage.

The objective of the Blue Expense group was to get the IRS and the State Assess Board to acknowledge the way that the customer\’s pay did not oblige him to record charges for the years being referred to: 2006-2008. Doing the greater part of this in a convenient way was the best test of all…but Blue Assessment was available!

Initially, the Blue Duty group called the IRS and State to delineate what was expected to determine the issue. They then sent the customer the essential printed material and poll for him to round out and return. When Blue Expense had gotten the archives once again from the customer and had a chance to audit them, they asked for all decided supporting records from the customer to send off to the IRS to demonstrate that they had no documenting prerequisites for 2006 through 2008. The IRS asked for a duplicate of the home loan understanding in light of the fact that the IRS was getting incorrect data in the father\’s name from the little girl\’s home loan moneylender. The customer sent in the bank\’s record joined by a letter from his girl\’s home loan moneylender expressing that the father shouldn\’t be on the advance.

The Blue Expense group of specialists could get the IRS and the State to concur that they had no recording prerequisites for a considerable length of time 2007 and 2008. Since Steve had sold a few stocks and property in 2006, he was required to petition for that year. Blue Expense arranged and presented those arrival filings inside two weeks. This mistake was at long last understood and this father could inhale simple!

For more data about Blue Duty and its capacity to help citizens settle their expense issues, please visit www.BlueTax.com or call (888) 310-5858 for a free secret discussion.

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