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May 15, 2007
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DALLAS, TX, May 16, 2007 – From the minute man initially moved in the driver\’s seat of a car, he started searching for with better approaches to move over the earth quicker. Presently, the intriguing trip of man\’s fixation on speed can be completed the gathering of Land Speed Record Models at DFW First class Toy Museum.com.

With 81 autos, the gathering of 1/43-scale models is a one of a kind excursion through a regularly disregarded portion of car history. The majority of the autos are either exceptionally constrained version or hand-constructed models, and are once in a while observed exclusively – let alone in one showroom. They keep running from the 1898 Jeantaud Profilee to 1995\’s Minnesota Uncommon.

\”We have about each auto that has held the Land Speed Record, including the primary record-holder from 1898,\” says Ron Sturgeon, proprietor of DFW World class Toy Museum.com. \”It is extraordinary to have the capacity to see them all together and to witness how the vehicles have developed.\”

The main human to set a Land Speed Record was Frenchman Tally Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat, who hit the then-incomprehensible speed of 39.24 mph, a speed that equaled the full-out run of a stallion. Laubat\’s 1898 endeavor to demonstrate that cars were a practical other option to horse-driven vehicles propelled an endless journey to set – and after that break – new speed records.

Albeit each auto in the exhibition hall has asserted some authority ever, some are preferred known over others. The 1927 Napier-Campbell Bluebird is remarkable in light of the fact that it was the primary auto assembled particularly to break the current Land Speed Record. Steered by renowned worldwide English driver Malcolm Campbell, the auto hit 174.883 mph on the shoreline at Pendine Sands. Campbell set – and broke – eight more records throughout the following eight years.

Campbell\’s child, Donald, emulated his dad\’s example; over four decades later, he pushed his Bluebird-Proteus CN7 to 403.125 mph at Lake Eyre, Australia, utilizing a gas turbine motor to impel himself into the record books.

\”The historical backdrop of these autos is so rich and intriguing,\” Sturgeon says. \”To see what these drivers set out to do, to drive at rates that were inconceivable at the time, is completely astonishing. And after that, to have the capacity to see the autos that finished these accomplishments – it truly is a one of a kind part of car history.\”

The accumulation of Land Speed Record models can be seen alongside the other uncommon and antique toy autos in the Toy Gallery inside DFW World class Auto Rental at 5940 Eden in Fortress Worth. Hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, with end of the week hours by arrangement. In Stronghold Worth, call 817.838. Lease (7368); in Dallas call 214.247.4700. For more data, visit them online at www.DFWEliteAutoRental.com.



1899 Jeantaud Profilee

1899 Jamais Contente

1902 Mors Z

1902 Baker Torpedo

1904 Mercedes Simplex

1905 NapierC

1905 OraccoV8

1906 Stanley Steamer

1910 BIitzenBenz22OHP

1910 Lightning Benz-Barney Oldfield

1911 Blitzen Benz 220 HP

1914 Hornsted Benz

1919 Packard 905

1920 Tommy Milton\’s Twofold Duesenberg

1922 Sunbeam 350 HP

1923 Fiat Mefistofele Eldridge

1924 Sunbeam 350 HP

1924 Sunbeam 350 HP-bended windshield

1924 Sunbeam #6 (level windscreen)

1925 Bluebird

1926 Brooklands B.A.B.S.

1927 Sunbeam l000HP

1927 B.A.B.S.

1927 Napier-Campbell Bluebird

1927 Bluebird (unique form, no louvers)

1928 Stutz Blackhawk

1928 Bluebird

1928 Sunbeam Silver Shot

1928 Opel RAK 2

1929 Golden Bolt

1929 Napier Arrol-Aster Bluebird

1930 Sunbeam Silver Shot

1930 Sunbeam Silver Bulleted/Silver

1931 Napier Bluebird

1932 Napier Bluebird

1933 Campbell-Rolls Royce Bluebird

1935 Bluebird

1935 Bluebird

1936 Speed of the Wind

1937 Thunderbolt

1938 Speed of the Wind II

1938 Thunderbolt

1938 Railton Unique (dark sides)

1938 Thunderbolt

1939 Mercedes T80

1939 Railton Red LIon

1947 RaiIton \”Mobil\” Unique

1959 Mickey Thompson Challenger-blue

1959 Mickey Thompson Challenger

1959 City of Salt Lake

1960 Art Arfon\’s Green Beast \”Insect eating animal\”

1960 Proteus Bluebird CN7

1980 Bluebird Mach 1.1 CMN8

1960 Mickey Thompson Challenger I

1960 City of Salt Lake

1980 Flying Caduceus

1962 Summers Siblings Unique

1983 Craig Breedlove\’s Soul of America

1963 Wingfoot Express

1963 Flying Caduceus

1964 Wingfoot Express

1964 Proteun Bluebird CN7

1965 Goldenrod

1965 Green Beast

1965 Wingfoot Express II

1965 Goldenrod (extensive Admission rendition)

1966 Green Creature

1968 Mickey Thompson Autolite Extraordinary

1970 Blue Fire Rocket Auto

1976 Thunderbird Turbine

1977 Barry Bowles Rocket Controlled Blonde Sensation

1978 Malcolm Olley\’s Stream Auto

1979 Budweiser Rocket Auto Edwards Record Auto

1979 Budweiser Rocket Auto Edwards Record Auto

1983 Thrust II

1983 Jaguar XK6 Fire auto for Push II

1995 Minnesota Uncommon

1991 Spirit of 76 (Speed-o-Thought process)

1991 Craig Breedlove\’s Soul of America Sonic 1

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