Finally, Kids\’ Music That\’s All Grown-Up!

November 13, 2007
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November 15, 2007

BOSTON, Mama, November 14, 2007 ? Achieved kids\’ music vocalist/lyricist Debbie High handed has discharged her eagerly awaited first youngsters\’ music Cd, Story Melodies and Sing Alongs.

Story Tunes and Sing Alongs is a stunning offering of family-accommodating music that incorporates unique melodies about stories kids know and love: \”Three Little Pigs,\” \”Jack and the Beanstalk,\” \”Goldilocks;\” commonplace jokes, for example, in \”Thump, Thump Tune\” and \”I\’m Not Drained;\” and additionally heaps of recreations and amazements. The recording plays like a theatrical presentation, covering a differing exhibit of instructive and complex methodologies in shake, pop, nation, reggae, Latin, and Broadway-esque styles. It is an extraordinary, intuitive listening knowledge that will engage guardians and kids alike. \”I needed to make every tune an experience for the entire family,\” Debbie said. \”It\’s fun music that won\’t make guardians insane in the auto!\”

One melody that may speak to the guardians specifically is the keep going tune on the gathering, \”Love Is a Family.\” A \’80s Adventure like power song, \”Love Is a Family\” works from a delicate piano and vocal to a shaking full band, finish with a very moving, feeling filled gospel choir. (Cautioning: you may end up influencing with your lighter lifted high…) \”\’Love Is a Family\’ has moved individuals to tears,\” said Debbie and Companions\’ maker, Michael Carrera. \”It\’s a wonderful melody, a capable plan, and a general message of adoration and trust that resounds with each family.\” \”Love is a Family\” is of specific significance to Debbie, who composed the tune to commend the introduction of her nephew Teddy, now two-years of age.

Story Tunes and Sing Alongs was a group exertion that incorporated the commitments of more than 15 Berklee School of Music workforce and understudies; Berklee people include everything from harmonica, fiddle, banjo, and mandolin, to guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, trombone, and hambone. The recording additionally incorporates the performing voices of more than 15 youngsters from the More prominent Boston area?a impression of Debbie\’s reasoning of experiential learning. \”I trust that music for youngsters is about music with kids,\” Debbie said. \”These melodies are all child tried and endorsed, and their excitement comes radiating through.\”

Debbie is a prepared artist, prepared distributing proficient, and music teacher. Having graduated with a degree in music and music instruction at Berklee School of Music, Debbie showed basic and secondary school music, and spent numerous years in the music training distributing industry before turning into the Dignitary of Proceeding with Training at Berklee in 2003. Debbie has composed more than 100 music instruction books, including music teacher assets, instrument techniques for kids, and choral courses of action. Her work has won endless awards?most remarkably, the prestigious Incredible American Melody Challenge Respect Grant. While overseeing supervisor for instructive distributions at Warner Brothers., she worked with a portion of the world\’s most noteworthy symbols in kids\’ music excitement, including Shari Lewis and Weave McGrath of Sesame Road popularity. Their impact is clear all through each of her happily made tunes.

Debbie (and a number of her enthusiast fans) live in Watertown, Mama. At the point when she\’s not composing or performing music, she can be found in her kitchen making (and eating) hand crafted chocolate chip treats, or walking the walkways with her pooch Sophie. Her fans keep on inspiring her to make quality youngsters\’ music?or as Debbie likes to state, \”Children\’s music that is altogether grown-up!\”

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