FlowRider: Total Adrenaline and Safety Come to AquaWorld

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AquaWorld has attached on to its weapons store of water fun with a fascination from time to time found in Mexico – the FlowRider, an action that consolidates the excite of game with unparalleled solace and security.

The fascination opened to the general population Monday, January 9, 2017, at the AquaWorld marina situated in Cancun\’s Lodging Zone.

\”It\’s the ideal blend of numerous things – fun, party, skate, surf – it\’s very engaging,\” said Martin Carbonell, organizer of FlowRider operations at AquaWorld Cancun. \”It\’s an exceptionally stately game, one that includes self-change ordinary.\”

Carbonell highlighted the aggregate security and simplicity of the FlowRider for clients of any age.

\”The surface is truly delicate. It resembles a trampoline,\” he included.

He said any individual taller than 1 meter (39 inches) can do the \”bodyboard\” by resting, and anyone taller than 1.20 meters (47 inches) can attempt it holding up.


The FlowRider\’s patent depicts it as, \”A wave-shaping generator for creating slanted surfaces on a contained waterway,\” as indicated by its official site.

The game contrasts from surfing due to the position of the client\’s body, \”however all things considered it\’s a similar collaboration with water,\” Carbonell said. \”On the off chance that you know how to work out in water, it\’s straightforward it.\”

AquaWorld\’s FlowRider is just the fifth one in Mexico, as indicated by FlowRider\’s legitimate site, and it can serve up to 560 clients a day.

It can likewise be ridden around evening time.

The fascination is matched up with a snack bar, which incorporates a bar, an eatery, and a store concentrating on water don items.

Carbonell focused on that this FlowRider conveys something new to Cancun\’s Inn Zone, as it\’s the first open to people in general.

AquaWorld\’s most up to date fascination has an adaptable day by day plan, which can be seen and saved on the web.

Established in 1986, AquaWorld is referred to universally as a main organization gaining practical experience in water fun exercises. AquaWorld is situated in Cancun and Cozumel to guarantee the excitement of visitors from Mexico and from the whole planet. AquaWorld\’s central goal is, \”To ensure our visitors\’ enjoyment in a situation of Wellbeing, Quality and Warmth.\”

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