Foster VC Kids, Ventura County Office of Education Collaborate on Innovative Support Systems for Foster Youth

September 10, 2016
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September 11, 2016

School strength is phenomenally troublesome for youth that experience life in child care. Under half of cultivate youth move on from secondary school and just 3% go ahead to move on from school ( details/), however look into demonstrates that when training is made a need inside groups that bolster encourage youth, they enhance their GPAs, complete secondary school, and proceed to school at higher rates (California Youngster Welfare Co-Speculation Association).

With more than one thousand Ventura Province youth in out-of-home care including foster homes, relative homes, and gathering homes, the Ventura Region Office of Instruction and Cultivate VC Kids have met up to teach the group about projects that give guardians and encourage youth the apparatuses important to achieve their maximum capacity.

\”I adore the flexibility of cultivate youth,\” says Ralph Velarde, Director on Exceptional Task, Unique Populaces Instructive Bolster Programs, Ventura Province Office of Training. \”It\’s stunning that they keep on wanting to do well and they keep on meeting the difficulties of the injury that is going ahead in their lives.\”

Velarde is a piece of the unique VCOE and Cultivate VC Kids group that is facilitating a parent instructor gathering on Tuesday, October eleventh from 4-6pm to advise nearby authority, school directors, teachers, current guardians and potential non-permanent families of the accepted procedures that have been actualized to encourage youth achieve their potential and give support to the families that are watching over them. Enactment from the 2004 Gathering Bill 490 has served as the foundation for VCOE\’s prescribed procedures, which incorporate keeping up school of birthplace and the opportune preparing of school records.

At present, VCOE and Encourage VC Children are endeavoring to meet another order put forward by the Each Understudy Succeeds Act which requires school locale and kid welfare to work together to give transportation when staying in the school of source is in the youngster\’s best advantage. The positive effect of such prescribed procedures, and the strong training and caregiving groups they make, is clear in the stories of cultivate youth who have been fruitful in spite of unfriendly conditions.

Additionally at the discussion, VCOE will chief its new cultivate youth video which was created to bring issues to light of the vital part the instruction environment plays in the lives of encourage youth. The video recounts the uplifting stories of Martin and Xena, two previous encourage youth who were profoundly and decidedly affected by the associations they made with educators and executives at their schools.

\”School was forever my asylum. It was dependably where I knew everything would have been alright,\” recollects Martin, a school junior and previous encourage youth. \”My greatest inward drive was to not turn into another measurement that didn\’t head off to college due to child care.\” Martin qualities a lot of his prosperity to staying in schools where he had associations and knew where to go for offer assistance. He has likewise profit by school programs like Way at CSUCI, which has furnished him with grant assets and a portable workstation for school.

\”We are eager to cooperate with Encourage VC Children to help present and potential parental figures find and comprehend the accepted procedures that exist to enhance academic execution for understudies in child care,\” says Laura Welbourn, Facilitator, Uncommon Populaces, Ventura Region Office of Instruction. \”We as a whole have a duty to guarantee that these adolescent have each chance to prevail in school and in life.\”

Anybody inspired by adapting more about turning into a non-permanent family or supporting nearby cultivate youth is urged to go to the up and coming Foster VC Kids and VCOE Parent Educator Discussion.

Occasion Data:

Who: Encourage VC Kids, a division of Ventura Area Youngsters and Family Administrations and the Ventura District Office of Training

What: Parent Educator Discussion and VCOE Youth Video Head

At the point when: Tuesday October eleventh, 4-6pm

Where: Oxnard Secondary School Performing Expressions Building, 3400 West Gonzales Street, Oxnard

About Ventura Region Human Administrations Office, Encourage VC Kids

Ventura Province Human Administrations Organization (VCHSA) reinforces families, bolsters independence and advances security, wellbeing, and prosperity. The majority of their administration regions work and perform at the most elevated amount to address the issues of people, families, and the group by giving help, help, and assurance for encourage youth and past. VCHSA shows the capacity to work in multicultural situations and guarantees that arrangements, projects, and activities convey regard for the poise surprisingly. Visit for more data.

About Ventura Area Office of Training

The Ventura Area Office of Training (VCOE) is focused on extending access to quality instruction for all. We give monetary, preparing and innovation bolster administrations to nearby school areas, keeping up and enhance long lasting instructive open doors. VCOE offers a broad date-book of expert advancement and instructive courses and workshops at our best in class gathering focus in Camarillo. We likewise work schools that serve instructively impeded understudies, give vocation training projects and organize countywide scholastic rivalries. VCOE is administered by a chosen Province Director of Schools and a five part District Leading body of Instruction. For more data please visit

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