Frivilous Lawsuit Backfires Big Time

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Sarasota lawyer Dennis Plews and his customers, a Bradenton lady and an Osprey man, are confronting a huge number of dollars in authorizations and expenses from the previous Boss Circuit Judge in Sarasota. Judge Lee Haworth decided that a claim Plews documented against Jeffrey Luhrsen in 2009 was "grasping at air," and requested Plews to by and by pay Luhrsen\’s lawyer\’s charges, which court papers show are about $300,000.00. Plews\’ customers, Jeanester Bryant and Jack LaRoe, must pay Luhrsen several thousands in expenses, yet they have considerably more serious issues. Both are confronting a claim that could bring about paying Luhrsen a huge number of dollars for damage done to his business and notoriety as a result of their pointless claim.

In 2009, Bryant, LaRoe and Plews blamed Luhrsen for assuming control over the nearby MADD association and wrongfully requesting legitimate business. Plews helped Bryant and LaRoe whine to The Florida Bar about Luhrsen, yet the Preeminent Court of Florida administered to support Luhrsen with respect to their sales charges. Bryant, LaRoe and Plews did not acknowledge the Incomparable Court\’s decision, and they made similar claims against Luhrsen in a common case. Sarasota Circuit Judge Lee Haworth rejected the common body of evidence against Luhrsen in January, 2012, finding that it had no substantial premise. Judge Haworth went above and beyond in September, finding that the case was unimportant and requesting Plews to by and by repay Luhrsen for the cash spent shielding the charges, which court papers show is about $300,000.00. In October, in the wake of winning in both the Incomparable Court and the nearby Circuit Court, Luhrsen sued Bryant and LaRoe for recording and seeking after a paltry claim that hurt his business and notoriety. Luhrsen\’s lawyer says that Bryant and LaRoe attempted a "common shakedown" utilizing the lawful framework as a figleaf, and that they owe Luhrsen "millions of dollars."

Luhrsen\’s lawyer, Dan DeLeo of Shumaker, Circle & Kendrik, feels Judge Hayworth\’s decision rights an off-base. "Plews and his customers never had a substantial case and were told as much again and again. Judge Hayworth\’s uncommon decision is a vindication of that fact," said Mr. DeLeo.


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