From Atlanta to South Korea:? Author Jennifer Bouani\’s Message of Teaching Kids Business and Entrepreneurship Goes Global

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March 2, 2009
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March 3, 2009

Atlanta, GA-Bouje Distributing declares the offer of Korean rights to interpret and distribute Tyler and His Settle a-matic Machine (Book 1) and Tyler Passes the Brilliant Key (Book 2) Without bounds Business Pioneers\’ Arrangement by #1 Amazon Ignite hit and honor winning writer Jennifer Bouani.

Interpretation rights were bought by the Book21 Distributing Bunch, EULPASO, which will discharge both books inside the following 12 months. Mr. Kim Yeong Gon, president of Book21 and who hand picked the arrangement, expressed \” We expect incredible accomplishment with the Future Business Pioneers\’ Arrangement in South Korea. The Korean interpretation privileges of the arrangement is one of the key arrangements for Book 21 Distributing Bunch in 2009.\”

\”This is a dynamic story that commends business enterprise. The books incorporate particular attributes and behavioral standards of the business world which will be commonsense help to kids\” included Mr. Hoo Seong, Lim, Sr. Proofreader.

Amo Noh of the Amo Organization expedited the exchange. Ms. Noh remarked, \”The Future Business Pioneers\’ Arrangement will intrigue and appealing to Korean guardians who are firmly inspired by instruction. These are absolutely one of a kind titles, and they fit into Book 21\’s kids\’ rundown flawlessly. I am eager to work with Bouje Distributing, and I anticipate the minute the Korean versions hit our market.\”

In the principal book of the arrangement, Tyler and His Comprehend a-matic Machine (Bouje Distributing, ISBN-13: 9780977926503), Jennifer Bouani acquaints perusers with Tyler, a vagrant kid who concocts a machine to help him get his work done and makes a business to fabricate this machine. He perseveres through many tests set out for him by the Incomparable Soul of the Business people, Sote, before he can formally turn into an effective entrepreneur and understand his fantasy of cruising far and wide. These tests are typical of impediments experienced by grown-up business visionaries in this present reality. The purposeful anecdote shows kids business ideas in a straightforward yet audacious way, demonstrating to them generally accepted methods to take an interest in and receive the benefits of our general public.

\”Jennifer Bouani has the present for composing for youngsters,\” said, Best 10 Commentator Grady Harp. He included, \”From time to time another author surfaces who alongside the organization of any semblance of Roald Dahl, E.B. White, C.S. Lewis and others has the ability to address youngsters about things grown-up in a way that is instructive and adjust insightfully, as well as in the meantime remembers the significance of embellishment the domain of imagination and stories that still concentration the consideration of every one of us. Jennifer Bouani has the blessing and in Tyler and His Explain a-matic Machine she bows in front of an audience as a gifted mastermind and a quintessential communicator.\”

See video stories of children who have begun organizations in the wake of perusing the Future Business Pioneers\’ Arrangement.

Recordings of Children who began organizations.

About the Arrangement

Tyler\’s associates are offspring of the enchanted city of Nessibus with different abilities and gifts who every recount their own particular story of getting to be business pioneers in discrete books. The plots of the different books intertwine as the characters get to be providers, clients, and referrals for each other, accentuating the force of systems administration and its impact over one\’s business achievement. Book Surveys on

About the Creator

Jennifer Bouani is a supporter for business people and business people. She draws on her insight into the business world from her experience as a specialist, interchanges\’ administrator, programming engineer, extend supervisor, business expert and a business person herself to art her stories. Perused her blog


Tyler and His Explain a-matic Machine (Bouje Distributing, ISBN-13: 9780977926503, US $6.99) is accessible on the web and by calling 404-966-1732

Tyler Passes the Brilliant Key (Bouje Distributing, ISBN-13: 9780977926510, US $8.99) is accessible on the web and by calling 404-966-1732

About Bouje Distributing

Atlanta-based Bouje Distributing, LLC, distributes the Future Business Pioneers\’ Arrangement : The books in the arrangement engage and plan kids for tomorrow\’s reality by showing them how to think innovatively by transforming what they want to do into business thoughts.

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