GLEENET Takes a Lead in Inventing One of a Kind SNS Converged with the Web and E-Commerce

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GLEENET LLC says the organization presented its temporary patent application for its leader interpersonal organization stages to the Unified States Trademark and Patent Office on October 6. The Seattle-based start-up discharged OMNIBUS and Blue Cover in market in May and June of this current year, affirming the introduction of humanistic SNS.

As per Minha Kim, Organizer and Preliminary of GLEENET, her thoughts on interpersonal organization is basically centered around union viewpoint. Regarding engineering, she has endeavored for useful merging of two various types of stages, for example, SNS and Site. As far as plan of action, her innovation is the mix amongst SNS and web based business. Specifically, she advances a push to make OMNIBUS- – proclaimed as the primary ever endeavored space-based SNS- – another sort of entryway encapsulating associated universality. \”Once a space assumes the part of go between for social relationship, individuals would need to thump on the entryways of worldwide fields. They would ponder what is happening in New York\’s exhibition halls or Berlin\’s show corridors. Now, some may state that the site of association in the internet has been working as the passage for individuals around the globe. Be that as it may, I think there has not been connectedness in the conventional site. While most social associations run their own particular sites, individuals barely appreciate those in light of the fact that today\’s sites are a just ostensible show of their reality, and don\’t work as an important passage to their associations on the grounds that there is not a proclaimed component for association between people,\” said Minha. Another remarkable component of OMNIBUS is its outline idea making the application resemble a film theater. To make the application\’s quality more obvious and noticeable, 3D and virtual reality elements are as a rule at present included by working with an outsourcing improvement organization.

What makes Minha\’s patent application important lies in her plan of action also. On account of Blue Cover, singular clients meet with superstar searchers and can pay credits for their answers so interviewees can then reclaim their got credits. OMNIBUS is wanted to actualize another exceptional plan of action mirroring sale and offering that clients paying huge credits for UGCs (Client Produced Substance) can get reward blessing or its substitution in a way or another. \”Through the plan of action of substance reward, I think what I endeavor is to make individuals\’ thoughts marketized and in this way executed. By method for online business, a wide range of items are sold and purchased, including from gadgets and apparatuses, garments, sustenances to social items, for example, music and book. In any case, no single framework in the public eye values thoughts. We just offer and purchase the item in which thoughts are formally and professionally communicated. Yet, I think the fringe between all human powerful items is foggy. For example, we should consider news. Do we need to respect just an expert columnist\’s conveyance as news despite the fact that its quality and effect is not as high as a piece data conveyed by a layman? On the off chance that one has composed a few page long story, he can\’t offer his thoughts since it isn\’t sufficiently long to resemble a book? I think all structures and appearances are customary just, and what genuinely matters is its substance. On the off chance that a thought is critical, it doesn\’t need to be sufficiently long to resemble a book,\” said Minha. \”I think Web masters are in a general sense in charge of this circumstance since they have made the digital world where individuals can trade data for nothing. That is a basic error Web pros have made. Thusly, there has been no chance a layman\’s thought like a blog can be esteemed. Just experts who have funding to formally fabricate thoughts can win cash. That is the reason I came to have contemplated talk with application so that individual clients can trade their idea and thoughts while being marketized.\”

All Minha\’s push to acknowledge humanistic system is sought after in the endeavor to protect human\’s imaginative learning and choice notwithstanding robot-prevailing tech worldview. \”The objective of humanistic system is to design innovation touching the heart. Compositional move and plan idea, content reward plan of action, and openness increment in calculations are altogether intended to dedicate with that in mind,\” said Minha.

GLEENET LLC is a Seattle-based start up drove by a social researcher, taking a lead in designing humanistic system.

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