Gina Carey Films and Gico Music, to Release New Film, \”The Assumptions\” at the Camelot Theatres

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Gina Carey Movies in relationship with Gico Music is set to chief, \”The Presumptions\” at \”The Camelot Theaters\”, 2300 E Baristo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262, on Monday, February 27, 2017 at 6pm.

\”The Presumptions\”, is a tension show that takes after the life\’s voyage of Moses, an infant deserted to the avenues by his 14 year old mother and Ethel, the vagrant who finds and raises him.

\”The Suspicions\”, composed, created and coordinated by Gina Carey, has a few underlining messages that will make watchers reevaluate their manners of thinking on numerous regular misguided judgments.

Gina Carey, Director and President, Gina Carey Movies and Gico Music stated: \”This film uncovered the numerous presumptions individuals make every day about a wide range of things without having strong truths. \”I generally say, get your actualities before you act .This film will obviously characterize this significant explanation. The Suppositions will uncover the burdens of intensity, nosy interest and pride. This film highlights the earnestness of our decisions and how they can straightforwardly affect the lives of others and the threats of clutching the past and not just being happy with Divine beings arrangement.\”

Gina has a ravenous enthusiasm to create clean film, free of sexual and disrespect content. She wants to utilize her endowment of screenwriting to move, empower and sparkle the spotlight disagreeable social issues that effect our general public today. Her definitive objective is to bring a message of trust and light through silver screen.

Not exclusively is the President of Gina Carey Movies & Gico Music a Screenwriter, Chief, Maker, Editorial manager & Cinematographer, she is additionally a refined Recording Craftsman & Music Maker with more than 12 Collections recorded and 3 #1 singles on the UK Graphs since her expert vocation started in 1996.

Her honors incorporate (2006,BMA champ \”Best Gospel Craftsman, (2012, Marker Broadcasting \” Rising Stars of the Betray \”Best Jazz Music Craftsman Grant), (2015, GHP Virtual Music Grants, Best Single), ( 2015 , 2016, CV Music Grant for \”Best Contemporary Craftsman\”. On August 31, 2016 Gina was chosen as one of the \”Main 12 Most Compelling and Intriguing Ladies\” in the Coachella Valley by CV Week by week.

Her credits additionally incorporate, writer & distributer of her own book \”The Unforeseen, essayist, executive and maker of 3 Christian stage plays (The Progressively outstretching influence (2003), What Might You Do (2009), and The Soul Executioner (2015) and web arrangement \”Recount my story\”, a web arrangement equipped to uncovering the abilities of undisclosed & autonomous craftsman \”Gina Carey Movies. Her current filmography incorporates, \”The Unforeseen\” (Element Film, February 2016), \”Seek to Move\” (Narrative, June 2016) and \”The Suspicions\” (Include Film, February 27, 2017).

\”The Suspicions\” Gazing cast incorporates, \”Brian Moore (The Unforeseen, The Spirt Executioner and Obscure), Diana Hintergardt and Joan Hangarter. Co Gazing, Marcus Lantero , Domingo Winstead , Jason Hackett , Delyn Meyers , Steven Ciceron (Doctrine, The Eerie, Orange The latest trend Dark, The Americans, Blue Bloods) Marci Krown, Shelby Winstead, Francesca Zabata and Mary Electra. Extra cast incorporate, Terrence Coleman (Mice and Men, The Hobbit) Alexis Spencer, Deborah Givens, Aria Anastasio, Sue Neal, Rikk Hart, Roy Boucher, Denise Strand and John Craig with visitor appearances by Guitarist John Carey and Barry Mannifield (Hollywood\’s Singing Gourmet expert, NBC\’s The Voice)

The formal celebrity main street entry step and rehash service will start at 6pm at \”The Camelot Theaters\” trailed by the dramatic screening of \”The Presumptions\”. The formal occasion will finish up with an after gathering promptly taking after the finish of the review. Ticket go on special on December first and can be buy online at or at the Camelot Theaters, 2300 E Baristo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262. Formal and after 5 clothing is recommended. This occasion is interested in general society.

For extra data contact or call (760) 678-5815

Gina Carey Movies is an auxiliary of Gico Music. Gina Carey Movies is a film organization that produces quality family inviting and Christian based silver screen.

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