Henry Metal Releases New EP “So It Hath Begun”

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May 3, 2017
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Henry Metal’s new collection “So It Hath Started” was manufactured out of a profound regard for the specialists metal saints that preceded him, Metallica, Dark Sabbath, Press Lady. Henry Metal’s melodic introduction, “So It Hath Started” is a superbly executed swan jump into the profound end of the metal pool for all the substantial metal darlings to appreciate. “So It Hath Started” is as of now accessible for pre-deal on BandCamp, and can likewise be found on Spotify, Soundcloud and Reverb Country.

Henry, a guitarist, bassist and percussionist, offers voice to every one of those not exactly prepared for well mannered organization contemplations that cross through every individual from society’s aggregate cognizant. Henry Metal wears a horned veil amid his exhibitions, yet not to hole up behind. The veil symbolizes the cover we as a whole wear in ready to fit in on the planet, yet in Henry’s reality, fitting in incorporates having horns.

Under the veil is an expert committed to the specialty of metal. “So It Hath Started” begun as the majority of Henry’s tunes do, as a debilitated guitar riff. As a major aspect of Henry’s imaginative procedure, the riff manages the beat and disposition, until the bits of the melody rise, much the same as an awesome stone worker etching a piece of rock into an incredible masterpiece.

About Henry Metal

Henry Metal is a substantial metal craftsman who shrouds himself in a cloak of secrecy. What rises up out of this cover is genuineness, merciless trustworthiness and an unadulterated articulation of the music. Henry Metal’s sound is a rebirth of great 80’s and 90’s metal, Sabbath, Lady, Metallica, Megadeth, Bacillus anthracis, Slayer. Layered on top of are the perceptions of a scholar and the harsh mind that uncover profound truths about mankind. Go to www.henrymetal.net for updates on new discharges.

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