Hollywood Celebs Shamelessly Hustle Style and Fashion on New Website

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July 27, 2009
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Swag… long a staple for the glitterati at Hollywood honor shows and advantages, is the subject of a recently propelled shopping site, Viva Swag. In an arrangement consolidating parody with shopping, Viva Swag\’s nine superstar has expect to catch the consideration of 18-34 year old ladies by means of an on-line amalgamation of amusement and insightful shopping.

Underscoring the site\’s saying, \”Shopping with Identity,\” a gathering cast of imagination celebs extending from Knoll Stevens, America\’s Sweetheart to Latin heartthrob Rico Bolero govern each of nine boutiques. Every shop is overseen by an individual customer who scours incalculable sites hunting down the funkiest finds, a la mode inclines, and most up to date looks from dependable shippers. Items are precisely screened and posted at the best value found, including any accessible rebate or coupon offers.


Viva Swag (TM) (www.vivaswag.com), an offshoot showcasing organization, urges clients to \”shop with identity,\” while giving an engaging and intelligent on-line shopping background. The website searches out and displays the most smoking patterns, mark names, freshest cutting-edge dealers, and best costs accessible on the Web, all gave a mix of panache, diversion, and stimulation.

Shops highlight attire, adornments, extras, excellence items, gourmet sustenances, extravagance home, and electronic things. Every shop is controlled by an anecdotal Hollywood character, going from starlets to socialites. By offering guests a particular take a gander at the design radar, clients can peruse hand-picked items without weeing through an interminable exhibit of dull item postings.

Viva Swag sister website, Viva La Show includes the characters\’ close to home blogging about their lives inside and outside Viva Swag. A running cleanser musical drama, Viva La Show is silly and over the top. Additionally, visit Viva Swag\’s Twitter channel, That is so swag!

At Viva Swag, the assistants run a significant part of the show. To meet some of these awesome individuals visit www.18interns.com.

For additional data, please contact Clarissa Jacobson or call (818) 937-1182.

Disclaimer: Astrid Channing, Farrah Sterling, Glade Stevens, Takahatchi, Saige Concordance Hollingsworth, Cleopatra Jones, Aristotle City, Fredrica Delacroix, Rico Bolero and Kip Deschler are anecdotal names claimed and copyrighted by Electric Chocolate, Inc.. Any similarity to genuine people, living or dead is absolutely fortuitous.

Viva Swag is a ladies\’ shopping site which consolidates clever shopping and Hollywood parody to give an engaging and individual shopping background. For additional data, please reach us at (818) 937-1182 or visit http://www.vivaswag.com

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