International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge Educates Thousands of Kids Worldwide

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The Global Puppy Nibble Aversion Test is well in progress. Doggone Safe tested its moderators to visit schools and instruct 50,000 kids about pooch security amid Blemish May. So far moderators in six nations have swore to teach more than 20,000 kids with the numbers developing every day.

Half of all youngsters are chomped by a pooch and more often than not the biter is the family puppy or another canine known to the kid. \”The quantity of nibbles to youngsters is appallingly high and can without much of a stretch be diminished through instruction. The Be a Tree program means to give this training,\” said Teresa Lewin, VP and fellow benefactor of Doggone Safe.

The \”Be a Tree\” program is a puppy nibble avoidance presentation for school youngsters. The program is conveyed by Doggone Safe moderators, veterinary professionals, pooch coaches, canine behaviorists, general wellbeing attendants, crisis restorative administrations staff, creature control officers, cops, instructors and empathetic teachers. Moderators utilize an instructor pack which contains huge arrangement photos giving puppy non-verbal communication hints, recreations and exercises. Program backers can buy supplementary marked learning materials, for example, shading books, paint sheets, a story book, a notice, stickers, bookmarks and refrigerator magnets. More than 700,000 kids worldwide have encountered the Be a Tree presentation since 2004. Through the Universal Pooch Nibble Anticipation Challenge Doggone Safe means to build this number essentially.

\”I cherish \’be a tree\’ (and \’be a stone\’). It\’s the best of its kind. This data needs to get out there,\” said Jean Donaldson – Globally perceived canine conduct master, grant winning creator and chief of the Foundation for Pooch Mentors.

For more data about the Test, to end up distinctly a support, to book a presentation for your school or to enlist as a moderator please visit the Doggone Safe site at

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