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October 5, 2009
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Viva Swag ( another web based shopping background for ladies ages 18-24 has taken an untraditional way toward dealing with its business. The organization has turned over huge numbers of the significant assignments for running the site to the assistants.

Strapped for money and feeling the weight of a sinking economy, the site propelled with the assistance of just three experts and seven understudies (and tallying). It was an unsafe thought, all things considered, what amount can an understudy truly convey to the table? Viva Swag says: much more than espresso!

Proprietor, Pete Sokoloff, who playfully permits himself to be alluded to as \”Bossman\”, says \”I think a considerable measure of businesses undercut understudies. They don\’t understand the new thoughts and vitality they bring in the event that you simply let them have a little obligation. Our assistants are mind blowing. We hear them out, give them titles and push them to exceed expectations. We\’re compensated with work that outperforms what we even believed was conceivable.\”

The vast majority of Viva Swag\’s assistants are new out of or still in school and there has been little turnover. Marketing Understudy and Offshoot Administrator, Ronna Davis, says \”I went to the Workmanship Establishment to be a form merchandiser. I\’m staying it out at Viva Swag despite the fact that it\’s hard to make a decent living on the lowest pay permitted by law since this is my fantasy occupation and I truly have faith in the organization.\”

Christine Mehrabians, the Marketing Understudy and the voice behind excellence master, Takahatchi, is likewise resolved to stay and make the site fruitful: \”I\’d been searching for an occupation for quite a while, I really majored in Brain science and Social Conduct at UC Irvine. In any case, Viva Swag opened the entryway and allowed me to learn marketing. I\’m truly getting a charge out of it. Best part is, I additionally get the chance to compose inventively on Takahatchi\’s blog and keep his long range informal communication locales up! Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Lama are both after Takahatchi on Twitter!

Sokoloff will likely reward every one of the understudies with an all day employment and advantages once the site takes off. He additionally has set up, an in the background see where understudies are permitted to post whatever they need about their occupation.


Viva Swag (, an on-line shopping background for 18-24 year old ladies, urges clients to \”shop with identity,\” while giving an engaging and intuitive world. The webpage shows the most sweltering patterns, mark names, freshest best in class dealers, coupons, rebates, and the best costs accessible on the Web, all with a mix of panache, entertainment, and fun.

Shops include clothing, gems, embellishments, excellence items, gourmet sustenances, extravagance home, and electronic things. Shops are controlled by anecdotal Hollywood characters running from starlets to socialites and the greater part of the things are handpicked. By offering guests a specific take a gander at the form radar, clients can peruse items without weeing through an unending exhibit of dull item postings.

Viva Swag\’s sister website,, highlights the characters\’ close to home sites about their lives inside and outside Viva Swag. Likewise visit Viva Swag\’s Twitter profile \”That is so swag! \” at and in addition the world\’s first Twitter design web crawler \”That is So\”

For additional data, please contact Clarissa Jacobson or call (818) 937-1182.

Viva Swag is a ladies\’ shopping site which joins clever shopping and Hollywood parody to give an engaging and individual shopping knowledge. For additional data, please get in touch with us at (818) 937-1182.

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