JAM Bed & Breakfast Dugout in Coober Pedy, South Australia Welcomes All

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November 8, 2015
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Julie Carmichael, Proprietor and Administrator of Stick Bed & Breakfast, welcomes all to encounter a true underground outback remain in Coober Pedy without trading off your craving for agreeable, snazzy and fantastic housing.

Stick Bed & Breakfast is a genuinely one of a kind type of outback settlement. The offices are open and sufficiently adaptable for a full-sized family to spread out and unwind or for a couple searching for a private withdraw. The offices additionally oblige both cozy and imparted encounters to a huge regular social zone with BBQ and little alcoves in the garden to conceal away or make a beeline for the private supper table.

Lodging Accessible:

One Room Independent Underground Bed & Breakfast:

Ideal for couples needing a sentimental getaway


Ruler estimate bed

Claim en-suite



Shared kitchen & clothing office

Claim BBQ range and auto stop

Two Room Independent Underground Bed & Breakfast:

Perfect for little families


Every room comprises of a ruler measure informal lodging single bed

Claim washroom

Living and eating range

Shared clothing & kitchen office

Claim BBQ range and auto stop

One Room Underground Studio:

Suited for couples and families


Huge room containing ruler measure bed

Private kitchenette


There are various attractions and exercises to appreciate in Coober Pedy, and Stick Bed & Breakfast\’s staff, long haul local people, can guide you, book a visit or demonstrate to you the best spots to go \”noodling\” for your own bit of opal. One can head into town and investigate, eat underground, take a voyage through the underground gallery or the well known Breakaways Ranges, and play golf around evening time with sparkling golf balls. Coober Pedy additionally has an as of late overhauled best in class drive in motion picture theater. Ask at registration for inside learning to one of Australia\’s most interesting towns.

Stick Quaint little inn

email: bookings@jambedbreakfast.com.au

site: http://www.jambedbreakfast.com.au

Parcel 1574 Pads Drive, Coober Pedy 5723

Proprietor Julie Carmichael holds a level four testament in lodging administration from the Open Preparing and Instruction Arrange. It had been her fantasy to open a bed & breakfast in an interesting setting and she has surely succeeded. Her accomplice, Markus is an opal digger and adores just to discuss his enthusiasm and hotshot his finds.

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