Kakanj HeidelbergCement: No.1 Cement Producer with the Best Price-Quality Ratio in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The Best Purchase Grant Bosnia and Herzegovina Development Overview 2013/2014 demonstrates that the examinees – solely experts in the range of development and people with involvement in development and gear (DIY people) – gave the biggest number of votes as to the value/quality proportion in the "Cement producer" class available of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the "Tvornica cementa (Kakanj Bond factory)", an individual from the German HeidelbergCement Aggregate.

This is the aftereffect of the Best Purchase Grant Development study BIH 2013/2014 by the Swiss association ICERTIAS – Universal Confirmation Affiliation GmbH (www.icertias.com) directed on a specimen of 1,200 examinees, only experts in the development zone (planners, structural architects, development specialists and development work contractors…) and DIY (Do-It-Without anyone else\’s help) people with involvement in the region of development and gear in Bosnia and Herzegovina, utilizing the CAWI – DEEPMA strategy (PC Helped Web Talking with – Profound Personality Mindfulness).

The respondents, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, were asked the accompanying inquiry in the study web frame: "Specify the name of the bond maker offering the best value/quality proportion in Bosnia and Herzegovina:"

The inquiries were open, i.e. the examinees offered no answers; rather, they could unreservedly determine the names of makers and specialist co-ops who, in their experience, offer the best value/quality proportion available of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The biggest number of examinees reacted to the question as takes after: "Kakanj – Heidelberg".

In view of the triumphant position, Tvornica cementa Kakanj is qualified for the prestigious name "Best Purchase Grant – No. 1 – best value/quality ratio" in the class: "Cement producer" for the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the year 2013/2014.


"In more than 40 nations around the globe, the name HeidelbergCement is associated with polished skill and quality in development. This driving world maker of development material utilizes 52,000 workers in more than 2,500 areas around the globe. It has been available in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2000 when it purchased the larger part partake in Tvornica cementa Kakanj. The great sorts of bond created by the bond plant in Kakanj are further put by the TBG BH organization, additionally an individual from this German development monster, through the top cement brands", the Kakanj concrete industrial facility expressed.

The whole Best Purchase Grant Overview 2013/2014 was directed as per the controls of the \’Universal Codex for the Usage of Market and Social Research\’ embraced by the Global Council of Trade (ICC) and the World Relationship for Market, Social and Assessment Investigate (ESOMAR).

BEST Purchase Grant System AND Test

The Best Purchase Grant Bosnia and Herzegovina Development Overview 2013/2014 (www.bestbuyaward.org/) was directed by the Swiss association ICERTIAS – Global Affirmation Affiliation GmbH (www.icertias.com) on the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina amid the month of September 2013 by method for a web study in light of the CAWI – DEEPMA strategy (PC Helped Web Talking with – Profound Personality Mindfulness). 1,200 examinees, took an interest in the overview, solely experts in the development territory – planners, development engineers, development skilled workers and development work temporary workers and in addition DIY people with involvement in the development and gear zone and so forth.

On the Best Purchase Grant Extend

Today, buyers are searching for better esteem for their cash like never before. In their ultimate conclusion, customers these days think about the cost and nature of every item they consider purchasing.

The proportion between a decent cost and the most ideal quality (Best Purchase) is more critical now than any other time in recent memory to the normal worldwide purchaser.

The Best Purchase Grant (www.bestbuyaward.org) is a venture of the Swiss association ICERTIAS – Worldwide Affirmation Affiliation GmbH with its base camp in Zurich, Switzerland.

The primary mission of the Best Purchase Grant research is to pick up knowledge into the clients\’ understanding and impression of items and administrations considered to give the best cost and quality proportion (the alleged best purchase) as indicated by the assessment of the clients themselves

The objective of the Best Purchase Grant extend and the testament is to streamline the scan for the best merchandise and enterprises and no more good cost. Its will probably guarantee advantage to purchasers on nearby and worldwide markets.

The Best Purchase Grant research is led by arrangements of the \’Universal Codex for the Execution of Market and Social Research\’ embraced by the Global Council of Business (ICC) and the European Relationship of Research Specialists (ESOMAR).


The Data and information exhibited in this report and declaration are for enlightening purposes as it were. This report is neither outlined nor expected to be utilized for settling on speculation choices. ICERTIAS and the wholesaler of the data from this report can\’t be in any capacity in charge of choices or activities completed in light of the aftereffects of the study, as well as the data contained in this record. The whole overview was directed with exceptional consideration and push to exhibit the outcomes in an exact and straightforward way. In any case, ICERTIAS or potentially its accomplices, administrators as well as workers are not obligated for the exactness as well as believability of the data displayed here or in the overview.

Extra subtle elements and data with respect to the ICERTIAS – Best Purchase Grant Bosnia and Herzegovina Development Overview 2013/2014 is accessible from ICERTIAS – Worldwide Affirmation Affiliation GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland. If you don\’t mind request Media dept: +41-43 508 1051; press(at)icertias(dot)com.


ICERTIAS – Universal Confirmation Affiliation GmbH is a private, politically autonomous association situated in Zurich, Switzerland. ICERTIAS (www.icertias.com) animates imaginative methods for market testing and research at both nearby and global levels. The association is essentially centered around the worldwide acknowledgment and advancement of item quality and esteem. ICERTIAS likewise empowers worldwide participation amongst ebb and flow and new testing, research and affirmation associations and advances cooperative improvement of testing, research and accreditation apparatuses crosswise over national outskirts. Working from a buyer point of view, ICERTIAS teaches neighborhood associations to advance items and administrations tried to meet its top notch norms, offer better esteem, and stretch out such quality to nearby and universal markets. Globally, ICERTIAS is presently best known for its Best Purchase Grant (www.bestbuyaward.org) and QUDAL – QUality Decoration (www.qudal.com) research and accreditation frameworks.

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