KickShark Introduces New SoloAmp Music Amplifier Technology

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KickShark, Inc., a Tennessee item advancement and innovation quickening agent organization, reports the accessibility of its new SoloAmp convenient opened up sound segment for guitarists, vocalists, keyboardists, full groups, DJs, or anybody needing a little, simple to convey, economical, and capable sound proliferation framework. The SoloAmp utilizes a fundamentally new amplifier innovation and conveys 200 watts of force at just 24 pounds add up to weight, making it the perfect convenient sound framework.

\”SoloAmp is the most sensational leap forward in the compact enhancer and little Dad framework showcase in decades,\” says Jack Campbell, SoloAmp\’s designer. \”The unfathomable new SoloDriver amplifiers we created for SoloAmp improve it sound than different items offering for ordinarily its cost. To be perfectly honest no genius sound item offering for under $2,000 to $3,000 has the sound exactness, scattering, and projection of the $699 SoloAmp.\”

SoloAmp is a little fueled speaker segment that mounts on a stand and activities sound from its eight SoloDriver full face amplifiers utilizing line exhibit innovation that builds the projection profound into the group of onlookers. As an artist or speaker, you hear an indistinguishable sound in front of an audience from is heard by the group of onlookers, disposing of the requirement for stage screens.

Contrasted with other little line exhibit items from Bose, Fishman, Rinkus-Heinz and others, the SoloAmp innovation makes a totally new value execution benchmark. It sounds better, is more precise, and ventures sound more distant than any of those items, yet offers for just $699.

SoloAmp is ideal for acoustic or electric guitar or vocalists, as it imitates the whole recurrence traverse of those sources without a subwoofer, making it both the most straightforward and best amp arrangement available today.

The SoloAmp will offer online direct for $699 beginning in Spring, with its friend SoloAmp Sub bass module offering for $399. In any case, the items can be pre-requested now at for noteworthy investment funds.

A little number of SoloAmps and SoloAmp Sub units are accessible as Brisk riser Specials for $499 for SoloAmp, $299 for SoloAmp Sub, or $749 for a heap of both items. Those specials are just accessible at What\’s more, these costs will never again be advertised.

\”SoloAmp is the aftereffect of more than 12 years of exceptional advancement,\” say Campbell, \”and it genuinely prevails over any current little Dad or acoustic or electric amp at anyplace close to its $699 cost. We attempted to make a definitive convenient sound esteem for the working performer. What\’s more, the new SoloAmp conveys!\”

SoloAmp is completely clarified on the item site at Reduced pre-requests can be put on the site for Walk 2016 shipment.

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KickShark, Inc. is a Tennessee advantage company occupied with creating and promoting astonishing new items, regularly including internet crowdfunding or pre-arrange battles.

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