King Ice Jewelry Featured in Chris Brown\’s \’Autumn Leaves\’ Music Video

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January 28, 2015
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Chris Chestnut\’s most recent video for the tune \”Harvest time Leaves\” includes a specially designed Lord Ice Buddha jewelry. The organization has worked with Chris Chestnut\’s beautician before, giving accessories, arm ornaments, and rings for the craftsman. The music video was shot in Hawaii with rich greenery and Japanese-themed attire and engineering. All through the video Chris Chestnut is outfitted with samurai swords as he endeavors to court Karrueche Tran, his genuine sweetheart.

The craftsman sets Asian-themed apparel with precious stone hoops and a custom Ruler Ice Buddha neckband. The accessory is hand crafted by Lord Ice for their Buddha adornments accumulation. The organization offers Buddha neckbands and wrist trinkets in numerous hues and styles.

Ruler Ice has worked with beauticians for Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, the Amusement, B.o.B, Soulja Kid, and Snoop Home slice among others. To contact Ruler Ice for item visit or call (626) 571-5874.

About Ruler Ice

Ruler Ice is an online retailer of streetwear adornments and clothing. The organization is known for its determination of hip bounce chains, hoops, pendants, watches, arm ornaments, rings, attire, and embellishments. Remain associated by taking after Lord Ice on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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