Launch of \’Momvoicebook\’, Picture Book App with a Mother\’s Voice

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December 12, 2015
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December 13, 2015

Kokilico ( has propelled the application \”Momvoicebook\”, a photo book e-content library for kids, a first for the nation.

Guardians can record their voices while perusing picture books, turning pages as though they are genuine books on the \”Momvoicebook\” application. With the application, youngsters can listen to their folks\’ voices while perusing the photo books, regardless of the possibility that the guardians are not home.

As of now, around 200 picture books are transferred on the \”Momvoicebook\” application. There are different sorts of youngsters\’ photo books, including imaginative tall tale stories, great stories, math and science stories, and Korean innovative stories, whose writer has collected a honor. Numerous different books from celebrated distributing organizations are being transferred, and 1,000 books will be enrolled inside this year.

The application\’s recognizing highlight is that there is a sure book that clients can read for nothing consistently. This empowers one to utilize the application and appreciate free substance consistently.

Besides, clients can buy picture books and record their voices. They can likewise keep them everlastingly on their Application Store account.

Another favorable position of \”Momvoicebook\” is that it can change certain writings. The principle character\’s name can be changed to a youngster\’s name, or a parent can make a wide range of stories with their kids from the books\’ photos.

Kokilico is a computerized content designer for youngsters. The organization\’s name additionally demonstrates the qualities of its substance. It comprises of the initial two letters of every word in Korea Kids Library Substance. Moreover, the name additionally implies that Kokilico might want to wind up distinctly the main organization individuals consider in the part, much like an elephant\’s trunk rings a bell when they consider an elephant.

Kokilico likewise propelled the video picture book application \”Haneulbit Book of scriptures Story\”, which contains 30 books with Book of scriptures stories, all reproduced to suit youngsters\’ levels. The organization has additionally been distributing extraordinary books from residential distributing organizations. Kokilico Chief Kim Yong-hwan accentuated: \”\’Momvoicebook\’ is not only a basic digital book stage, but rather it is \’a correspondence stage between a mother and a kid\’\”.

\”Momvoicebook\” will be accessible on Apple\’s Application Store from December 15. Later on, the application will be propelled on the Google Play Store also.

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