Launch of Responsive Hologram DID \’CUBICO\’

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November 25, 2015
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November 26, 2015

SENZON (Chief Yoon Du-seok,, a shrewd substance designer, has propelled its responsive visualization DID \”CUBICO\”. The item enhances the hindrances of semi visualizations.

What makes the item look so alluring at presentations is the DID (computerized data show). Specifically, multi dimensional images have developed as prevalent things in the cutting edge Marketed. Be that as it may, most multi dimensional images at present utilized as a part of the DID business are semi visualizations, creating anticipated pictures onto a trans-intelligent screen. Existing semi 3D images demonstrate items in 3D, however because of the dissipating impact, they can\’t be successfully conveyed.

Keeping in mind the end goal to defeat the constraints of existing 3D image DID innovation, SENZON has built up a cutting edge DID, joining multi dimensional images and straightforward showcases. Clear multi dimensional images in 3D can be executed by utilizing \”CUBICO\”. The items\’ data can be appeared on a straightforward show at the same time.

Moreover, \”CUBICO\” can produce 3D images that are receptive to hand developments, and clients can specifically choose and play substance through a touch show. For instance, when a restorative item is shown by utilizing \”CUBICO\”, clients can pick the substance that matches their skin sort, and watch merging substance by means of multi dimensional images and a straightforward show.

SENZON obtained a patent for the usage and securing of a meeting presentation that consolidates multi dimensional images and a straightforward show. SENZON expressed: \”\’CUBICO\’ is a union DID, yet its focused cost is almost the same as that of a solitary multi dimensional image DID.\”

It included: \”Our item outperforms existing DID in application and data conveyance.\”

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