LiSAVIOR enters Bill and Melinda Grand Challengens for Cure HIV

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HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC, April 05, 2008 – Dr. Roger Kenneth Hershline PhD MD the President of Worldwide Humanceuticals, Inc and author and administrator of the not-revenue driven open philanthropy, declares today that he is connecting with Bill and Melinda Entryways for financing from their Fantastic Difficulties in Worldwide Wellbeing activity. The monies will be utilized to start clinical investigations of another medication and treatment technique, LiSAVIOR.

The proposed barricade to cure HIV is that present medication and immunization medicines don\’t treat the development of HIV in the gastrointestinal tract. HIV infection duplicates and changes in the gastrointestinal tract and after that is reabsorbed into the blood. This procedure is known to happen when HIV disease comes about because of the utilization of tainted needles or amid sex. The gastrointestinal tract is involved the mouth and its structures, the pharynx, the throat, the stomach, the small digestion tracts, the internal organs and the rear-end.

The proposed answer for conquer this barricade is the oral clinical utilization of LiSAVIOR, a medication that is an early stage HIV life cycle inhibitor. LiSAVIOR is a dry, agreeable, non-harmful powder that is steady at room temperature and mugginess. LiSAVIOR remains in the gastrointestinal tract and pieces viral section into cells as well as cell-to-cell exchange of the infection. LiSAVIOR is proposed to be utilized alone or with any known HIV medication and antibody treatment.

This exceptional new medication is otherwise called compound NIAID #11039 and has gotten a patent from the Assembled States with patent number: 6,821,958 on November 23, 2004. Additionally, the World Universal Patent Association distributed the Worldwide Application Number as

PCT/US2005/039528 on November 5, 2006. Dr. Hershline facilitated Session V at the World Guides Day Gathering China from December 1 to December 3, 2006, to at first present LiSAVIOR.

Pre-clinical adequacy testing of LiSAVIOR has demonstrated that the successful centralization of LiSAVIOR is observed to be comparable to weakening a 1% arrangement of LiSAVIOR one million circumstances.

\”I am thinking as far as critical thinking. Customary business medicate plan and tasks financing from the NIH has totally overlooked this way to deal with date.\” Expressed Dr. Hershline. \”I think we need to talk regarding a cure for HIV. I need to cure HIV and that is the reason my establishment is called,\” finished up Dr. Hershline.

Dr. Hershline is cheerful that the Bill and Malinda Doors and their Worldwide Activity subsidizing investigates the work and advance that he has made towards taking care of this issue and fills the crevice in financing.

Dr. Hershline has a doctorate degree in medication plan and a therapeutic degree. Pre-clinical improvement of LiSAVIOR has been a quarter century the making. In spite of the basic requirement for such an extraordinary and possibly lifesaving development, LiSAVIOR remains totally un-supported.

Invested individuals can contact Dr. Roger Kenneth Hershline PhD MD through Central station by email:, mail P.O. Box 23467,

Hilton Head Is., SC, 29925, by fax: +1-843-342-5924, telephone: +1-843-342-5900.

Direct to Dr. Hershline: +1-843-683-3683.


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