Liberal Democrat and Republican Conservative Join Forces for a Return to Civility, Cooperation, and a Restoration of Meaning

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September 11, 2012
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Today, when the country is turning out to be increasingly separated, when outrage and enmity are permeating all over the place, a lot of exploitative government officials, scholars and media identities are merrily mixing individuals up with mockery, invitations to battle, and oversimplified, silly \”arrangements\” to America\’s issues.

Andrew Cort, who portrays himself as a Liberal Democrat, has composed another book on American legislative issues and culture, "The American Mind Looking for its Spirit: Flexibility, Fairness, and the Rebuilding of Meaning", that adopts a truly necessary distinctive strategy. In his Foreword, well known Moderate writer and social pundit George Gilder says: "This scholarly and persuasive book salvages rationality from the mathematicians, sex from the libertines, religion from purge hypocrisy, and science from infertile materialism."

In the nick of time for the ebb and flow presidential race season, Cort would like to lift the level of our national discussion. He trusts the book will be of esteem to nationals who are politically smart, worried about their families, worried about their nearby groups and in addition the whole global group, and are prepared for an arrival to politeness, participation, and that grand social blooming of excellence, astuteness and soul that was the fantasy of the American Originators.

"I composed THE AMERICAN Mind Looking for ITS SOUL," the creator states, "for individuals who are not willing to be influenced by either the fundamentalist ultra-right or the agnostic ultra-left, yet are scanning for insightful examinations of contemporary issues and astute arrangements that regard both the objective personality of Americans and the otherworldly heart of Americans."

Andrew Cort is a Creator, Speaker, Lawyer, Educator, and Specialist of Chiropractic. His addresses and works include legislative issues, religion, science, training, recuperating, and resistance, in contemporary culture. "The American Mind Looking for its Soul" is accessible on Amazon (Soft cover and Ignite) at Seek Soul-digital book/dp/B003TU0SMI, and in addition other on-line and customary book shops. You can discover progressively and contact Dr. Cort at

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