Lockguard: the Smartest, Most Complex and Funniest Intrusion Prevention Android App, Developed by Muzeme Inc. to Prevent Unwanted Smartphone Intrusion or Theft

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How often have we forgot telephone on our work areas and, when coming back from the break, we discovered it has… moved, or even vanished? How often have we pondered who\’s snooping around in our PDA when we abandon it places, overlook it places?

Muzeme Inc., an American start-up, has built up an application for this reason, for Android gadgets, application that proficiently answers the previously mentioned needs: Lockguard.

Furthermore fascinating is the way that the advancement of the application was overseen from Romania and the American organization is making it accessible around the world, through the Android Showcase.

Lockguard is a bit of programming that recognizes, logs and reports any unapproved getting to endeavor of the telephone, responding at the telephone\’s opening or unsuccessful opening endeavor.


– Distinguishes and logs fruitful and unsuccessful opening endeavors (date, time, area – organize based GPS arranges)

– Catches sound from the earth and in addition photographs and recordings through the front confronting camera (beta)

Taking after the opening endeavor, Lockguard can trigger mixes of the accompanying activities:

– Send a SMS and GPS directions to a telephone number pre-set by the client

– Send an email and GPS directions to an email address pre-set by the client

– Records sound from nature for a client characterized timeframe and appends the sound document to the email notice

– The telephone begins ringing an alert pre-set by the client

For gadgets with Android 2.3 introduced, Lockguard has a few additional components:

– Catches one to five photographs of the "intruder"

– Catches recordings of the individual opening or endeavoring to open the telephone

– Sends the photographs and recordings joined to the email warning

Muzeme Inc. is an organization established in the USA in 2011. It is an organization centered around the improvement of programming applications for private clients.

Site: http://www.muzeme.com

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