MED-C, OCC to Establish Key Element in Unlocking Personalized Medicine

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September 27, 2016
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The Atomic Confirmation Advancement Consortium (MED-C) and the Open Center Consortium (OCC) have marked a notice of comprehension to make the MED-C Biomedical Information House (BDC), which will permit the sharing of hereditary and clinical information in a brought together way. Inside a couple of years, the MED-C BDC is relied upon to be one of the biggest genomic information lodge, a key stride toward the following phase of customized solution.

All together for exactness solution to satisfy its objective of giving the most ideal treatment to every person, it will require adequate amounts of genomic information combined with clinical results. The new MED-C BDC will be a key donor toward building a foundation to bolster the yearning objectives of customized drug.

\”We are exceptionally satisfied to work together with MED-C to manufacture this activity. Not exclusively will the MED-C BDC be one of the biggest genomic center, however it will impart a typical engineering and interfaces to other OCC extends so specialists will have straightforward access to a minimum amount of genomic and related clinical and result information,\” says Dr. Robert Grossman, executive of the OCC. \”Different OCC house will have the capacity to be interoperable in a protected, consistent and straightforward design, which limitlessly extends information sharing and stays away from the pitfalls innate in information siloing. This is an energizing stride forward in building up datasets adequate in extent to interpret comprehension of sickness and malignancy transformation into noteworthy patient bits of knowledge.\”

\”VP Biden has led the bringing together of datasets to permit malignancy explore (the Moonshot Activity) to quickly progress. MED-C has constructed connections, framework and techniques to actualize what VP Biden has requested and is resolved to do this without government financing,\” says Dr. Dane Dickson, organizer and Chief of MED-C. \”This association with OCC increases our capacity to be the key segment to opening customized pharmaceutical. This relationship serves as a worldwide model that moderates assets and significantly propels science.\”

About the Sub-atomic Proof Improvement Consortium:

MED-C is a philanthropic association bringing together all key therapeutic partners to propel exactness medication through tackling shared assets and giving common advantage. Its first venture, the N1 Registry, is going to dispatch. It will contain institutionalized, high caliber, cutting edge sequencing joined with clinical results. For more data, visit

Contact: Lee Warnick,, 202-854-1670 or 202-800-0617

About the Open House Consortium:

The Open House Consortium (OCC) is a not-for-benefit that oversees and works information lodge and distributed computing foundation to bolster logical, restorative, human services and natural research. OCC individuals traverse the globe and incorporate more than 30 colleges, organizations, government offices and national labs. For more data, visit

Contact: Walt Wells,

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