MUTUAL RESCUE – New National Movement to Focus on the Life-Saving Bond Between People and Pets

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Expanding on the exceedingly effective \”Eric & Peety\” film ( discharged the previous Fall, Sympathetic Culture Silicon Valley dispatches a national creature/human welfare development called \”Shared Save\” to test us to reexamine the reasons why one ought to receive a protect pet, while venturing up its endeavors to build pet selections from nearby creature covers.

Through a progression of effective movies to be discharged quarterly in 2017, Common Protect needs to fabricate comprehension of the vital association amongst individuals and pets – and is approaching a great many human and creature beaus alike to make a move, spread the news and present their own stories.

Supporting creature save has endless advantages and can improve people groups\’ lives. Truth be told, pet reception is demonstrated to help people with an expansive scope of difficulties including heftiness, distress, physical recovery and suicide counteractive action. However, of the $373 billion given to philanthropy in the U.S. in 2015, under 1 percent goes to creature related causes. The truth of the matter is, an excessive number of creature asylums need basic subsidizing, volunteer and reception bolster. Shared Save reclassifies the estimation of supporting creature welfare in light of the fact that embracing a save pet likewise profoundly advances the lives of people.

Today\’s Shared Safeguard film discharge is \”Kylie & Liza\” ( We meet youthful Kylie while she is engaging adolescence malignancy. At the point when Kylie requests a little cat to solace her amid her treatment, a neighborhood protect association acquaints her and her family with Liza, a save cat needing a cherishing home. We rapidly figure out how Liza brings comfort amid a time of significant misery.

\”Common Save asks Americans to reconsider for what valid reason they ought to organize providing for nearby creature save covers,\” says Hymn Novello, Shared Save\’s President. \”At the point when a man provides for creature safeguard, that individual is enhancing the personal satisfaction for a creature without a doubt, additionally as vital, he or she is adding to enhancing the human condition.\”

The \”Kylie & Liza\” film dispatch takes after on the fruitful heels of \”Eric & Peety,\” a film saw more than 70 million circumstances via web-based networking media and communicate channels over the globe. Here, Eric was very big boned at the time he embraced an overweight save canine named Peety. Trying to recover his wellbeing, he started strolling with Peety, who in the end propelled Eric to run marathons. Eric advises us that he\’s \”here today on the grounds that a safe house pooch spared [his] life.\”

As an initial step, Common Safeguard asks individuals to:

– Watch and share \”Common Safeguard\’s Kylie & Liza\” (

– Adopt a pet at a neighborhood creature safeguard shield

Individuals can likewise give to the \”Shared Save\’s Kylie & Liza Finance\” built up in Kylie\’s respect to bolster both youth tumor research and neighborhood pet selection. Shared Safeguard has gotten significant subsidizing from PetSmart Foundations.

Common Safeguard is a national development to convey attention to the understanding that when you provide for creature protect, you are improving the lives of both individuals and pets, while in the meantime, giving significant support to expand pet reception. Common Safeguard was made by Others conscious Society Silicon Valley, a main non-benefit association devoted to lifting the reason for creature welfare across the country. Visit

To ask for a meeting with a Shared Save representative, please contact Official Marketing expert Michelle Tennant Nicholson at or 828-749-3200. For more data, visit the online press pack, and general society webpage

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