Maguss: The First Wizarding AR Game Involving a Physical Magic Wand

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Maguss is an allowed to-play AR dream portable MMORPG. Following quite a while of instability, the old art of enchantment has been discovered at the end of the day. New Requests have developed to fight the long-overlooked foe. The contention is inescapable. Take fate into your own particular hands and set out on an energizing excursion.

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Stroll to attack prisons, study to take in spells and blend elixirs from gathered assets and battle to gain regard and wonderfulness.

While the world is a phase, you are a lead performing artist.


The amusement includes a vital, semi-turn-based battle framework, area situated investigating and an intriguing mixture blending mechanics.

The most urgent part of the amusement is the craft of spell throwing. The all the more capable the spell, the more you have to hone the right spell movement. Snatch your most loved cell phone and draw a signal with your hand or take the physical handheld Maguss Wand and shape a right example.

Duel different players or battle off unsafe creatures. Remain against each other face to face or utilize a long-remove mode and fight players from all around the globe. Battling framework is a mix of strategy, timing and expectation. Distinctive classifications of spells offer you different approaches to beat your rival. Utilize your aptitudes astutely and don\’t imagine it any other way.

Get ready ahead of time. Investigate the world and gather all the important fixings. Take after the formula and blend the ideal mixture. Pursue away the dread or lift up your details and grasp a test.

Venture outside to find immense black market and long-overlooked spots. Take after the prompts on the guide and stroll into a cell. Battle trough every one of the beasts and complete the supervisor. The reward anticipates you.

Make yourself a partner. Utilize particular spells and manageable an animal to remain close by.

Do what you cherish. Whether you want to battle and turn into a fearsome rival or investigate the world to find every one of the spots, you will surely figure out how to make the history.

The time has come to give enchantment access to your life.

Encounter What\’s to come

Energizing gameplay won\’t let you stop for a minute. A changed cluster of spells, things, creatures and fascinating areas will give you and your companions with a great deal of fun. The diversion offers numerous conceivable outcomes for you to attempt.

INDIEGOGO Battle Connect: (will be accessible at 4:00 PM Copenhagen time)


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