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November 2, 2016
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November 3, 2016

New Online Date rating webpage,, is exchanging dollars for dating catastrophe stories. Like \”Howl\” for Online Dates, CrayRate is intended to isolate the scrappy Dates from the perfect partners – before meeting On the web Dates. At this moment, everybody can join similarly as money giveaway, \”Date, Rate & Win\” commences November 1, 2016 by sharing funny and shocking dating stories!

Did he date to \”eat and dash?\” Did he neglect to bring his money? Is it safe to say that you were stalked? Did you put the square on her fireplace drop? Is it accurate to say that he was \”DWM\” – Dating While Hitched? We need to know! At the point when stories are posted on CrayRate\’s free and mysterious discussion, individuals are naturally entered in the $200 month to month \”Date, Rate & Win\” money giveaway, and the $1,000 thousand prize for the most Date rates and surveys. Simply recall the Brilliant Control – \”keep it genuine!\”

How can it function? Whether a man has been on one or huge amounts of Online Dates, on the off chance that they know their Date\’s \”Dating Webpage Username,\” then they can partake! They can post stories and rate Online Dates or all the more particularly, rate their Dates\’ level of \”Insane,\” from Ordinary/Generally safe Cray Date to Hazardous/Truly Cray! Individuals help watch over the Internet Dating people group and are entered to win money. Individuals are allowed to tell kindred daters who\’s an extraordinary date and who\’s an online fake on the grounds that CrayRate\’s an unknown, sexually unbiased group discussion.


CrayRate is the main Date Rating site created to be combined with \”any & all\” dating destinations and applications. The website is intended to profit the Internet Dating people group by keeping Daters web-date-astute from the begin. Like \”Cry,\” for Online Dates, see an Online Date\’s CrayRate before meeting a Date! With a basic Dating Site Username seek, all is uncovered. Yes, it is stated, CrayRate is an area watch group for Online Daters; individuals watch over the \”datinghood\” and help keep internet dating safe and fun with a solid measurements of enterprise. For extra data, please visit


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