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September 3, 2016
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Mrs. Henriquez is an expert with 38 years of experience, out of which 26 have been spent as President or potentially Chief of multinational or worldwide organizations in Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina and now in France.

Mrs. Henriquez is eminent for creating and executing techniques to oversee organizations in troublesome settings and conditions. For a long time she has added to various organizations by creating and executing the correct methodologies to effectively lead their courses as president or potentially C.E.O. of organizations which delivered and disseminated wines and spirits in Venezuela, nourishment in Mexico, shimmering and still wines in Argentina and now in the Place of Krug, in Reims, France. The Place of Krug is at the exceptionally top of the Champagne business, it is the main house that has made just Distinction Champagnes since it was established in 1843.

Mrs. Henriquez otherwise called Maggie was additionally president of the Relationship of Makers in Venezuela, Mexico and effectively partook in the change of the wine Argentinean Industry. In Argentina, she got profoundly associated with winegrowing and winemaking amid her eight years at the head of Moet Hennessy properties there.

1/You are the verification that a lady can make it to the most elevated corporate levels in todays world. Might you be able to impart to us the qualities that have upheld all of you the route through?

My qualities, I know, come straightforwardly from my home and my family. Regard, liberality, thankfulness, humbleness, never arrange my qualities, social cognizant and dependably act naturally. At that point I could state, I have dependably worked hard, I am energetic, euphoric and near individuals. I adore what I do and attempt to take in consistently. I have dependably been a piece of the issue, so I can be a piece of the arrangement and I have comprehended, no one needs to get adjusted to you, one needs to adjust to nations and organization culture. I jump at the chance to go out on a limb, I am not apprehensive, I listen to others, support inventiveness and take thoughts from others joyfully. I profoundly have faith in the activities I am in and I do just for them to succeed. Critical dependably convey, this is basic. Attempt to make your venture, the venture of everybody. What\’s more, can\’t overlook, I have never forget the little story of the egg and the stone. For the individuals who don\’t have any acquaintance with it. Do you know which breaks when the stone hits the egg? Clearly the egg! What\’s more, if the egg hits the stone? Obviously the egg. So in any relationship or the majority of them, without a doubt in business, one is either egg or stone. So you need to know when you are egg………. furthermore, don\’t hit the stone. Those are the correct minutes to leave…….. what\’s more, comprehension the stream of life, has additionally been another helpful support.

2/Decisions in life are of an awesome significance, they are significantly more present in a vocation. Depict an affair where you needed to settle on a troublesome decision in your profession that has turned out to be correct.

In 1995 January I chose I expected to redesign my scholarly level and went to Harvard for 4 months for 2 distinctive long projects that consolidated with my 17 years of experience, were proportionate to an Ace. This was at that point an intense choice and I know it was great however this is not the one I needed to relate. Being in Harvard I understood I needed to travel to another country and end up being ready to be a universal pioneer. It was insufficient to remain in my nation regardless of the possibility that I was working for a worldwide organizations. I retreated, took the choice of leaving, backtracked to Caracas, picked my children and my significant other around then and left to Mexico to work in Nabisco. Extremely intense circumstance as it was the 1995 Mexican emergency, the bread business was in emergency and the organization was having exceptionally extreme circumstances. In year and a half, the organization was profiting and we didn\’t just spared the occupation of 3500 individuals in the organization however we drastically added to change the roll business in Mexico. Today my position is a continuation of this major and right choice.

3/Being a lady from Venezuela in the leader of the most prestigious French champagne house, must be an every day testing mission.

Yes, obviously it is testing however I think it is trying for anybody, being Venezuelan or not. A House with the situating of Krug is an extraordinary test since we set aside long opportunity to make our Champagnes, yet our musicality has nothing to do with streams ones. So in Krug we need to settle on all choices thinking in 8 years least. I am appreciative to life that I have this position since it touched base in an impeccable time in my life and with no uncertainty demonstrated the receptive outlook of M. Navarre, president of the Moet Hennessy and of the gathering. I have completely valued and I am exceptionally thankful. I have committed constant 6 years to the House, we began an otherworldly trip of reconnecting with our underlying foundations and from that point assemble a completely adjusted correspondence arrange. This has been incredible, as results are fabulous. So it has been testing yet results are incredible. We can state decisively that in Krug, all have changed and nothing has changed! it is fascinating to know that I have never tasted a Krug made in my circumstances. At a similar we have unrest the correspondence including the Krug iD and a great deal more. One can see that all has changed and nothing has changed as all Champagnes were made far before me.

Would you be able to let us know what engages you ordinary to make your organization more fruitful?

The general population, the general population of the House, individuals in the Moet Hennessy organizations, our producers and exceptionally our Krug Sweethearts and the individuals who will get to be. Our Krug Significant others who are so cheerful seeing the openness, straightforwardness and wonderful development. I am enabled by putting Krug at the highest point of Champagnes, which is the place the author imagined and to assistance from that point to change impression of Champagne and to open its revelation to numerous more minutes and more exceptional, not to utilize woodwinds any more to taste great Champagnes.

4/You are a mother of two young men who are presently grown-ups. Impart to us your experience of driving a fruitful vocation with a faultless parenthood.

In the first place and most vital guidance, NEVER, NEVER feel remorseful. I have never felt regretful, I knew I was trying to guarantee the training and personal satisfaction of my children and on the opposite side to guarantee my development professionally, by and by and profoundly. They have likewise been exceptionally cognizant and greatly agreeable and pleased. A fantastic environment in light of flexibility. I know there are some extreme years, particularly when children are little however working gives flexibility in the association with children as you don\’t have them as the sole wellspring of fulfillment and for ladies, as a rule, yet particularly on the off chance that you have children, having children makes an exceptionally solid impression of opportunity as achievement will never originate from the occupation for us, it will dependably originate from our Children. Knowing this was the correct path for flexibility, I today, can affirm that I am exceptionally content with the heading of my life. What\’s more, I might want to demand, never feel regretful on the grounds that this will be seen by your children and will then attempt to control you and here you possibly hurting their future as individuals who control think little of the keenness of others, and typically they don\’t go extremely far.

5/In light of the accompanying portrayal, how might you identify with the Mayshad Lady?

To Be a Mayshad Lady, is a Decision a Lady makes to carry on with a fortified existence with a positive Rationality in light of Appreciation, Acknowledgment and Achievement, to Be Who She Needs to Be.

She handles distinctive Parts of her Existence with Certainty, and makes a point to dependably remain Herself, guarding her own particular qualities .

She is a free soul, who outlines her own Life motivating others to do likewise.

I am astounded as when I read the portrayal is precisely what I composed toward the starting, so I am a Mayshad Lady, I have undoubtedly. Cherish, appreciation, certainty and mindfulness, mixed with humbleness and dreams, have benefited me and I want to share it.

Mayshad Lady Mag is your goal for investigating a contemporary way of life, propelled by worldwide ceremonies that will keep you enabled in today\’s worldwide world.

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