Media Freedom NGO Calls for Saving Voice of America Radio to Georgia

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August 18, 2008
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 19, 2008 –, a media opportunity NGO, has called for sparing the Voice of America (VOA) radio communicates to Georgia from cuts by the Telecom Leading body of Governors (BBG) and for quick reclamation of VOA Russian communicate to save the capacity of Americans to speak with Russians in times of emergency and amid peacetime.

Since Russia attacked Georgia not long ago, four (4) Voice of America Georgian telecasters in Washington, D.C. have battled fatigue to continue programming on the air.?With VOA Russian radio projects effectively close down accordingly of cuts requested by the Telecom Leading group of Governors, they are the main supporters left in the Voice of America to react to the Russian assault on Georgia with on air radio communicates to the combat area.

The positions are thin on the grounds that, for quite a long while now, a little gathering of political nominees, the Telecom Leading body of Governors, has been occupying subsidizing for communicates to nations like Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Tibet to their own pet projects. They incorporate arrangements to contract a media big name for another BBG advertising operation (apparently to clarify the BBG\’s end of VOA Russian radio communicates in the blink of an eye before Russia\’s military assault on Georgia) and financing for outrage ridden Alhurra transmissions to the Center East. The BBG is a bipartisan element accused of directing U.S. citizen subsidized universal broadcasts.?As such, it controls the designation of assets between U.S. citizen supported telecom administrations, and in addition demands for financing sums.

A couple days before the Russian attack, the Board discreetly requested the disposal of all Voice of America radio communicates to Russia notwithstanding a notice from the Senate Allocations Advisory group and Representative Patrick Leahy to keep \”broadcasting in dialects which the Organization proposed to take out in FY09, for example, Russian, Kazak, Uzbek, Tibetan and the to the Balkans, where the right to speak freely stays limited and broadcasting is still fundamental.\” has cautioned the BBG against destoying the U.S.- construct Voice of America in light of air Russian communicates and putting all U.S.- subsidized radio to Russia with the Prague and Moscow-based semi-private Radio Free Europe/Radio Freedom (RFE/RL). RFE/RL supervisors and columnists working and living in Russia as Russian residents are interested in terrorizing and enlistment by Mr. Putin\’s mystery police. Knowing Mr. Putin\’s record of quieting free media in Russia, disrupting of Web destinations, and utilizing the KGB\’s successor office (Mr. Putin\’s old manager) to threaten and close down television and radio stations, the BBG activities hurt media flexibility and represent a genuine hazard to U.S. national security.

Numerous BBG gatherings are shut to people in general, yet sources say that a lion\’s share of the board keeps on favoring slicing communicates to media-at-hazard nations, including Georgia and Russia.?VOA writers who needed to resume Russia radio communicates after Russia attacked Georgia were informed that the BBG considers their supplication \”a non-starter.\”

The current BBG individuals are: Joaquin Balaya, executive of Balaya Media Inc.; Jeff Hirschberg, an accomplice of in Kalorama Accomplices, a counseling firm that arrangements with corporate administration and hazard appraisal, likewise distinguished on the BBG site just like a chief of U.S.- Russia Business Board; Edward E. Kaufman, president of Open Techniques, a political and administration counseling firm situated in Wilmington, Delaware; and Steven J. Simmons, administrator and Chief of Loyalist Media and Correspondences, LLC.?A fifth part, Blanquita Cullum, a radio telecaster, restricted the decreases, as indicated by sources.?Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice serves as an ex officio member.?Three situates on the board as of now are void, after the late flight of previous Load up Executive James K. Glassman. Glassman, who purportedly likewise upheld the cuts, is presently the Under Secretary of State for Open Discretion and Open Undertakings.

About is a 501(c)3 charitable association supporting media opportunity worldwide with free news and assets for autonomous columnists.

For additional data, please get in touch with us at 1-415-793-1642 and visit our site: Please email, compose or call your individuals from Congress and request that they stop the Telecom Leading body of Governors from closing down the Voice of America Georgian Administration and to reestablish VOA communicates to Russia.

To bolster this battle and our different activities for the benefit of media opportunity around the world, please send your duty absolved commitments to:, 2247 Fulton Road, San Francisco, CA 94117.


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