Memorial Music Piece Written by Iranian Composer, Kourosh Zolani, Dedicated to 9/11 Victims and Their Families

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September 10, 2010
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September 11, 2010

Famous Iranian arranger and performer, Kourosh Zolani, formed a dedication piece called \”Serene Planet\” for casualties and groups of the September 11, 2001 assault on the World Exchange Center. The melodic piece\’s 11 minutes, 9 seconds narratives the time some time recently, amid and after the assault.

As indicated by Zolani, the initial segment of the melodic piece depicts the world before the assault; the second part portrays the disaster and frightful emotions amid the assault took after by the third part that demonstrates the pity and disarray after the assault. At long last, the piece closes with the craftsman\’s creative energy of a tranquil planet. It delineates an excellent spring day, loaded with peace, bliss, and winged animals chiming in (listen to the music at

Credited as a careful, social, music arranger, Kourosh Zolani has additionally made a few pieces tending to social, political, and social issues. His most recent collection, \”Journals of Sangesar\”, incorporates pieces, for example, \”It Used to Be Home\”, devoted to Iranian natives who right now confront numerous troubles in their nation; \”With Us Everlastingly\”, for the wars\’ fallen legends, and \”Move of Progress\” for the late US presidential decision. \”Diaries of Sangesar\” has gotten overall approval (see the music video on YouTube:

In a period in which the world tragically encourages doubt and division among countries, Kourosh Zolani, in the same way as other proactive craftsmen, utilizes the all inclusive dialect of craftsmanship and music to conquer any hindrance between the West and the East. In his music, Zolani imagines a serene planet and trusts that one day people will regard and cherish each other past geographic fringes.

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