Mindomo Presenter – The First Real Presentation Mode for Mind Maps

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November 22, 2011
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November 23, 2011

Master Programming Applications declared today the quick accessibility of Mindomo Moderator – a radical better approach to present Personality Maps on the web and disconnected. The quality of Mind Maps originates from their cerebrum cordial various leveled structure. In any case, that quality is additionally a shortcoming with regards to sharing a mind outline.

"A mind outline a solitary beginning stage and it has various consummation focuses, it has no single way which will manage you trough each thought in a mind delineate. While making a mind delineate is no real way to incorporate a direction to viewers which would make it simple to translate your mind outline. Mindomo Moderator tackles this issue by permitting mind outline to separate their mind maps and present it slide by slide," said Zoltan Lorincz President of Mindomo. "I trust the Mindomo Moderator is a major stride forward in exhibiting mind maps interactively."

What you can do with the new Presentation Mode:

– New intuitive presentations – rapidly catch your thoughts on a subject and present them to others

– Change your current personality maps – show your own particular stream of musings

– Concentrate on thoughts – spread your thoughts with a fun and intuitive presentation mode

Who is it for?

– Perfect for speakers at occasions – show intelligent assets

– Instructors – show data about complex subjects

– Advisors – show proposition for customers after your meetings to generate new ideas

As should be obvious, we took mind mapping to an entire diverse level. You can now make expound plans that you were not capable before and exhibit them exceptionally.

Evaluating & Accessibility

Mindomo with Presentation mode for imaginative presentations has been by and large accessible since the seventeenth of November, with a beginning cost of $6 every month.

You can prompt get to Mindomo by enlisting with a trial record, which you can move up to premium at whatever point you need.

More data about Mindomo estimating here: http://www.mindomo.com/pricing.htm

Supporting Assets:

Information exchange for an Online Mindomo account here: http://www.mindomo.com/signup.htm. You can download Mindomo Desktop free here: http://www.mindomo.com/desktop/. See display of mind maps made with Mindomo: http://www.mindomo.com/mind-maps

Mind mapping as a state of mind

Mind mapping is a graphical arrangement in creating arrangements and thoughts out of a principle thought or subject.

The mind guide is a tree like shape, with associations prompting to different thoughts.

Mind Mapping helps you split vast tasks into small scale ventures, with the goal that you can arrange effectively and don\’t free the fundamental data.

About Mindomo

Mindomo is reforming the way individuals think and cooperate on thoughts and activities. For more data, visit www.mindomo.com.

Copyright 2011 Master Programming Applications. All rights held.

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