Modern Power Supply Based on Lithium Battery Technology Keeps Down the Payload

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November 23, 2011
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November 24, 2011

The German maker of exceptional reason vehicles GSF Sonderfahrzeugbau has picked a lithium particle battery based power arrangement from Clayton Control for their vehicles. This imaginative innovation helps them keep down the aggregate payload and spares weight for different sorts of advanced innovation gear.

Present day exceptional reason vehicles get heavier and heavier as they are loaded with innovation and specific gear. This expands the interest for approaches to spare weight in different territories -, for example, the power supply.

Deals administrator Mr. Eckhard Last clarifies how GSF has figured out how to spare 50 % in battery weight by changing to lithium particle batteries with a higher power limit than conventional lead batteries. Moreover, the lifetime of lithium particle batteries of up to 3.000 charging cycles contrasted with the customary 350 cycles is great.

The organization needed a basic arrangement which was anything but difficult to introduce and oversee. An entire lithium control framework with a consolidated inverter/charger needs only one association so as to charge and give 230V power while moving.

Clayton Control has given the power arrangement expected to GSF to stay aware of innovation while keeping down the payload.

Take in more about the 12 and 24 volt lithium particle batteries

Clayton Control – Control Frameworks and Arrangements

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Item arrangement for versatile and off-lattice control supply:

12v lithium battery, 24v lithium battery,

sine wave inverter, inverter/charger, battery administration framework.

Ventures and Arrangements:

Car, Modern, Oceanic, Military, Renewable Vitality

Clayton Power is established toward the finish of the 1990s in Denmark. The organization creates and delivers an expansive scope of force items, frameworks and power arrangements, including lithium particle batteries, battery administration frameworks, sine wave inverters, inverter/chargers and controllers.

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