Movie Star & the Mobster Named Best General Non-Fiction Title in the 2016 New York Book Festival

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June 20, 2016
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On the blustery night of April 4, 1958, inside Lana Turner\’s leased home in Beverly Slopes, the group of hoodlum Johnny Stompanato lay unmoving. With a little blade twisted in his upper stomach area, covered up underneath his garments, one may think he was just resting, however he was dead.

Motion picture Star and the Mobster takes perusers back to that dull, stormy night, and through the dim and stormy relationship of Hollywood style ruler Lana Turner and her swarm insider sweetheart, Johnny Stompanato. From the tornado sentiment, to the thump down battles and murder dangers, the issue would go to an unexpected end when Lana Turner\’s 13-year-old girl came racing into her room amid their last experience, inadvertently wounding Stompanato to death.

Writer John William Law reproduces a point by point timetable of occasions to give perusers a look behind the allure and inside the damaging relationship, the night of the killing, the police headquarters capture, the coroner\’s examination, and decision in one of Hollywood\’s most persevering embarrassments. The 2016 title was named Best Broad Verifiable book of the year in the June 2016 book celebration.

\”Hollywood was shaken by the outrage,\” says Law. \”Few individuals have ever truly heard what truly continued amid those weeks only before, and after Johnny Stompanato\’s demise.\”

Film Star and the Mobster returns to Lana Turner\’s Oscar-assigned execution in Peyton Place and how her unwillingness to take Stompanato to the Foundation Grants weeks prior, place disaster in movement. \”Stompanato struck Lana the night of the Oscars, and both her mom and girl asked her to go to the police,\” says Law. \”Lana felt her vocation could never survive if individuals knew she was dating a mobster, so she declined to look for offer assistance.\”

What makes Motion picture Star & the Mobster one of a kind is Law\’s describing of the game changing minutes, a story that has never been completely told. \”Lana offered her own particular interpretation of the occasions, however truly secured just a little bit of the story for her collection of memoirs, and her girl Cheryl likewise recounted to her story, yet it was more centered around her association with her mom and the impact the disaster had on her life,\” says Law. \”Utilizing court transcripts, police reports, and other accessible records encompassing the case I could sort out a sequence that takes perusers back – to the murdering, as well as to the occasions that hinted at and after Johnny Stompanato\’s passing.\”

Law narratives the media storm that came slamming down on Lana Turner after, and how she moved past the catastrophe. \”She didn\’t think her profession would survive the occasions. Some say she gave her most prominent execution on the testimony box, describing the minute her little girl came racing into her room, dreading her mom was in risk, and cut her significant other to death.\”

Accessible in book shops and through on-line book retailers like and, Film Star and the Mobster is stuffed with photos in a 378-page book or in digital book arrange. An upgraded digital book on Apple\’s iBookstore will likewise be accessible. The writer is facilitating a unique arrangement of podcasts on iTunes, discussing Turner and occasions encompassing the book in the podcast, \”Behind the Screen with The Film Records.\” To take in more, visit

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